What’re Your Valentine Plans? Here’s Some Clues

Valentine Plans

Valentine Plans

As the Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, people all over the world who are committed must be keeping their fingers crossed waiting for that day to spend their time with their respective love interests. However, even the married ones can make their Valentine’s pleasant if they are able to entice their respective spouses with attractive gifts. As far as committed ones are concerned, for them it is an unforgettable day full of gifts coupled with genuine love. Here are some of the things that can make your Valentine’s entertaining and delightful.

Send her/him a card:

Sending cards as a surprise element reminding about the Valentine date can really please your boyfriend/girlfriend. This will make the ensuing date more enjoyable having impressed your love interest beforehand by planning well ahead.

Probably you can even attach a card of Queen of hearts, leaving a note which says “Oh my Queen of hearts! You won me a Rummy game yesterday.” Same idea goes to ladies to impress their men replacing the queen of hearts with the king of hearts. Guy or a girl – Is there anyone who doesn’t love being praised?

Play a card game together:

Invite your love interest home for a candle light dinner and play a card game together. Have an open chat together briefing each other about your plans post marriage and careers ahead. Such open talk while playing a casual game like Rummy across the table can bring both hearts together. Or simply play online rummy for free. The bonding between the two minds might get even more stronger. Who knows, probably, you both may eventually end up becoming a rarest breed of quarrel free couple. Hmm, is that even possible? Maybe not but nothing wrong giving it a try!

Make the evening beautiful with gifts:

No Valentine evening can be complete without presenting your beloved ones with valuable gifts. It is not that only gifting someone a valuable thing proves love that one has for him/her. But it really brings happiness and cheers to each other faces. It is not the gift that matters but it is your intention of giving something to your beloved one does matter. If you are a girl, you can give probably a stylish headphone, a travel pack, a versatile belt, an informative clock, a cool charger and the related electronic items, etc. to your boyfriend. Similarly, if you are a boy you can give a Heart Shaped Chocolate box, fresh roses, fragrances, wallets, etc. to your girlfriend. Even if you run short of money as the day falls in the middle of the month, you can always fall back up on an online game like Rummy enough for buying a short and sweet gift to your loved ones.

Watch a romantic movie together:

In India, there is no dearth of Romantic movies. So, book an upcoming romantic movie and take your boyfriend / girlfriend with you. Since you both are deeply in love, you will love watching romantic movies sitting together. Time will just fly, and you won’t realise that the movie has just ended. More than tangible gifts, experience of being together for three hours can bring more joy to any couple.

instead of going to a cinema hall, you can also try to celebrate the special day inside four walls and choose to watch the movies on Netflix or Amazon with some candles lit alongside and not to mention cuddling each other. Why at home and not in cinema hall?  You can perhaps take a cue from the romance on-screen!

Doing little things right:

This idea is specific to married couples. Most of the times, busy work schedules and coming late from office could create differences among husband and wife. There may be occasions when you are not able to attend your spouse’s calls. At least on Valentine’s day, keep texting your spouse that you really care for him/her. Come home as early as possible. Set aside your egos and divide your work at home Including taking care of your baby. As it is said, “well begun is half done”, gradually division of household work will become a practice making both a match made in heaven. Doing these little things right on the Valentine’s Day will make your relationship much better for the years to follow.

So, think ahead and plan your Valentine’s day celebration now itself. Planning at the last moment may spoil your ideas. Dedicate the whole day or at least the evening for your love interest if you are committed or to your spouse if you are married. Be it a rummy card game together or a romantic candle light dinner, try the tips suggested above and get on with it.

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