Types of starting hands in Rummy game

Types of starting hands in Rummy game

Types of starting hands in Rummy game

Life is all about making the right decisions and employing learned skills strategically. Playing rummy online is somewhat similar. It is all about decisions, skills, and calculations.

In the online rummy game, you are dealt random 13 cards, which is a lot compared to other card games such as Teen Patti or even Poker. The starting hand determines the course of the game to a large extent. The player needs to study the cards and decide at the outset what he or she would keep or like to discard.

Right from the beginning, your skills in mathematics and strategy are called into play. You have to calculate the odds, keep an eye out for who is discarding which card and picking up which card, and analyze which cards they are holding from those moves.

These skills are instrumental in deciding if you want to change tactics midway. There is no point in holding on to certain cards in the hope of getting a missing card to finish a run or sequence if you notice the opponents have picked up similar cards.

Here we bring you an analysis of starting hands, the types, and how to deal with the cards you have been dealt with.

The Dream Beginning

The possibility of getting such a hand is almost nil. However, if the impossible happens, you will be able to declare the game in the first move. It is all there; just take a minute to sort out the sequences, and voila, you can declare.

The dream hand is two pure sequences with one or more sets and more than one joker. Rest assured, such a hand means a walk over the opponent without even trying.

However, for anyone new to the game of rummy, it is essential first to learn the rules of the game; otherwise, you would be at sea about the gold you have in hand. When you are the first player, it becomes doubly important to make a move. Take a good look at the cards in your hand and double-check before making a declaration. Ensure that you have a pure sequence. A dream hand is rare, but if you get one, then don’t waste it!

The Perfect Starting Hand 

A perfect starting hand is a pure sequence with one or more sequences and more than one joker. The possibility of getting such a hand is as remote as the dream hand. However, if you are among the world’s lucky few that make the impossible possible, rest assured you can win the game in a turn or two.

In a winning hand, if you have at least one readymade sequence and another with just a card missing, then focus on creating one as soon as possible. Utilize the jokers. The possibility of winning with such a hand are very high, and if you play skillfully, you can finish the deal within a move or two at best.

The Average Starting Hand

An average starting in online rummy means a pure sequence with no jokers. This means you have an advantage over the opponents, but not as much if you score a perfect starting hand. Winning will not be a walkover, and all the skills and strategies will have to be employed to stay ahead and complete the game before anyone else. Our suggestion is to start forming a pure sequence before utilizing the jokers.

Do not go for a middle drop that ruins all the previous hard work. If you are new to the game, it is recommended that you refer to the tips and tricks section of the online gaming platform before starting.

The Bad Starting Hand

This is a scenario when you get no pure sequences and jokers in the first instance. Now the odds are evened out, and there is no advantage. Experienced players still have an opportunity of winning the game as they can strategize and calculate the odds well. Choose your table well where players are playing at very low stakes.

Before making any move, analyze your cards and know when to withdraw from the game. If you get a terrible hand made up of very high-value disparate cards with no joker, it is advisable to drop at the initial stage. Such a move saves you from losing by a large margin.

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