5 Things To Keep In Mind When Making The Switch From Free To Cash Rummy

Things To Keep In Mind When Making The Switch From Free To Cash Rummy

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Making The Switch From Free To Cash Rummy

If you have started savoring the success of online free rummy, it is time to make the transition to cash rummy. Indeed, cash rummy is even more interesting and rewarding. However, taking the decision to become a professional player and play rummy online with cash is not an easy task. You need to ensure several things before you make the transition. Otherwise, it might end up as a complete debacle. So, you need to keep the following in mind.

Pro Rummy Means Seasoned Challengers 

So long as you are playing free rummy, you are up against amateur players, most of whom are new to the game. They are also enjoying the experience like you. For such players, it is easy to throw caution to the wind and experiment on moves.

As you turn pro, you no longer can indulge in experiments. You need to be skilled and knowledgeable about various aspects of the game to make your moves. As a pro rummy player, you will be battling formidable challengers. In a pro game, players are geared towards winning the games while in a free game, the outlook is mostly casual. When you turn professional, you need to wear a competitive attitude as is true for any competitive game. The stakes are high in professional rummy since it is actual money at stake. Moreover, the rewards in professional games are often more lucrative than those in free rummy. You must pay an entry fee to play a pro game. The higher the entry fee, the more profitable is the reward.

Selecting The Right Tournament Is The Key

Rummy tournaments are held regularly, but all of them are not the same. Different types of tournaments are held on different occasions. For each of them, you may need to have different skills.

To begin, you need to stick to a particular kind of tournament and hone your skills and learn how to play rummy variants.  You need to specialize in a given format of the game in the free rummy version and graduate to its professional version once you are confident about winning the game in this set-up.

Tournaments also vary by the amount at stake. You need to start low since the stakes are low. When the stakes are low, rewards are low too, but you have a lesser risk of losing your hard-earned money. You can go on increasing the stake as you move up the ladder.

Stacking Up High Point Cards Is Wrong

If you stack up high point cards hoping to form sequences with other high point cards, there is a possibility that your strategy may come to nought. You never know your opponent. If he declares the game at a point when you have at least one high-value card, you will lose heavily. So, discard high ranking cards whenever possible unless there are close cards to give you a sequence. Waiting for securing another high-value card may cost you dearly. In case you get rid of high-value cards, even if you lose, you would lose by a low margin. It is a good idea to get hold of some mid-value cards such as 5 and 6. With these cards in hand, you have a better opportunity to form a sequence. So, if you have high value as well as middle-value cards, get rid of the high-value ones and hold on to the middle-value cards for at least a few moves.

Keeping An Eye On Opponents

Don’t offer your opponents an opportunity to form a sequence by dishing out cards they need. This is why you need to keep a watch on the cards picked up as well as discarded by opponents. This will give you an idea about the cards held by them. Only when you have that idea, you can take prudent decisions about discarding cards. You should not discard cards that will help your competitors form a sequence. So, keep a watchful eye on your opponents.

Using The Joker Wisely

If you can play the Joker right, you can wriggle out of many tricky situations and also win games. You need to develop your skill at using the Joker while you are playing free online rummy. Keep it in mind that using the Joker during the initial phase of the game may spoil your opportunities for forming a pure sequence.

However, you should not discard the card either. Instead, you can drop other high-value cards like 9, 8, etc., which others can pick up readily, but not be able to form a high-value sequence. Keep the joker close to your chest; it can save your day and help you win big prizes in pro rummy tournaments.

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