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Presenting the Gaming Checklist for Millennials

For a lot of years now, millennials have been dominating the interests of developers. After all, the cult status of ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Final Fantasy’ and many such games have been built largely for millennials. With the surge of smartphones, marketplace started brimming with myriad gaming applications. Online Rummy, one of the most popular game across the nation today grew exponentially and has now become a trend.

Fueled by the interests of both Gen Z and millennials, Rummy has been dominating the hearts of baby boomers and almost every age group across the geographies. But well, for keeping the interest of millennials hooked, this is a checklist that explains everything –

  1. Always on their feet – Often linked with restlessness and impatience, millennials like it when they are challenged every now and then. Consistent mental stimulation is what keeps them hooked. In fact, if the game offers a sense of rush, nothing like it. RummyCircle’s variants help them with exactly this and more.
  2. They ABSOLUTELY love socializing – And what’s better than playing game with a community of players? Not only does RummyCircle offers entertainment, it also offers socializing with players every time you play a game. Community-oriented activities have always resulted in strengthening social bonds – amen!
  3. What have you got? – It’s not about the technical specifications anymore; online games have broadened the horizons of the entire gaming landscape. It’s about interaction and engagement – if the game is not built in way it can’t communicate with the millennials, they would find it boring (thanks to their low attention span).
  4. More personalized gaming – Millennials and Gen Z is used to everything custom-made tailored according to their needs. And same rules apply to online games. Social media engagement has become so pervasive today that it takes a few seconds for any application to know your preferences and customize the experience accordingly. Playing online rummy with RummyCircle helps players identify if they’re good or can be better at game through practice games and a lot of variants later.
  5. Reward-based and real-cash games? Bring it on – Playing games is one thing and getting rewarded for them is another. Real-cash games are way safer than offline rummy because they are human error-free and leave no scope of approximations. Regular tournaments, quizzes and more help players connect with the brand more and keep them hooked to come back and play. Millennials say it right – FOMO is a real thing, after all.

Like a completely new universe, Gen Z come with their own language and playbook. This generations knows what to expect from a brand and how they should deliver it. Gaming and social media are the most important things for them because this is where they’ve learnt to build connections since the beginning. While millennials helped us carve a rule book especially for them, Gen Z will have it a little easy and will resonate with what we have in store, we think – are you game?

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