The Rummy Mantra that You Have Been Unaware of So Far

We are constantly reading about different rummy tips and tricks to improve the game play and become a master at online rummy. But, still we are stuck somewhere in the middle, where we can’t call ourselves champion or a novice. Well, this is for all those intermediate rummy players who are just a few steps away from becoming a rummy champ.

Since, you already know the basics of the rummy game, we will start with those rummy secrets that you now need to master. However, if you still want to brush up on the basics of rummy, here is the complete rummy rules as a handbook for you.

Get the strategy right

This is the most important factor in winning a rummy card game. Planning a rummy strategy is all about arranging your cards and understanding what kind of hand you can form with it. If you are just concentrating picking up a card from an open or closed deck and not really shuffling or moving your cards to form and reform your sequences and sets, you’ll not be able to win the game. Just because, you have already formed a sequence or a set doesn’t mean you can’t move cards and regroup them all over again. Be quick and flexible and arrange your cards as you go along.

how to win rummy game

Understand the value of the cards

The value of the cards in your hand is another factor that can make you win or lose a rummy game. For example, the middle cards can be much more beneficial for your game as compared to low or high point cards. So, if you have a ‘5’, it can prove to be much better for you as compared to a ‘Ace’. You can actually form more combinations with a ‘5’ rather than a ‘Ace’.

Use your Joker wisely

You must have heard this often enough, however we still don’t use it to the best of our advantage. Try to close your sets and of course the pure sequence and then use your trump card or ‘Joker’ to declare. Even if you have placed your Joker in a set or impure sequence, you can always change it and make a better hand.

Understand your opponent’s moves

This is one rummy skill that comes through practice and observation. Just like you need to understand your cards well, you also need to decode your opponent’s cards. See what cards he is picking from the decks and what card is he discarding. So, if your opponent just discarded a 4 of Hearts then you should avoid discard 3 or 5 of Hearts. He will be able to complete his hand. Just keep it parked, even if you feel you don’t want it.

Reduce your points

Having high value cards in your hand can act as a burden for you. So, keep your points as low as possible. However, don’t discard a card just because it’s of a high point. Keep on doing those calculations in your mind and push out cards that’s not helping you form a hand and are of high value.

The winning of a rummy game is the combination of all these points together and more or less at the same time. You need time, practice, focus and dedication to win the game.

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