Awesome Tips For An Entertaining Road Trip

Awesome Tips For An Entertaining Road Trip

Awesome Tips For An Entertaining Road Trip

In India, winter is a great time to pack up and go on long drives. In most parts of the country, the weather is pleasant and in hilly places it is nice and cold. With summer nowhere on the horizon, this is the perfect time to head to the hills. In winter, Indians make their way to hill stations that are almost in every state. Most people drive to these chilly places, but the journey can be boring. So, we look at some of the best ways to turn around boredom during a road trip. Let us look at other ways to have a fun road trip.

Drive away boredom with online games

There are a number of online games that will keep you occupied for hours when you are on the road. From action to casual, there are many options, but one of the best ways to pass time in India is to play rummy. The top-notch rummy platform is RummyCircle. This is a game that most Indians have been playing from their childhood. The online version is enhanced and gives you the opportunity to win real cash prizes. Now isn’t great—you can win rewards on the way to a vacation. So, to be at the top of the game, learn how to play rummy and start winning.

Sing away the road trip blues

Long road trips can get boring. Sitting in one position and nothing to do can make you restless and your bottoms sore. Why not sing away the blues. Turn on the radio like the good old days or sync your phone to the car’s device and play away the tunes. There are specific songs for road trips—they are upbeat and ensures you have a ton of fun. If your vehicle has a screen, you can relay the words on it and start a karaoke session. Long distance drives do not have to be boring. They can be exciting and memorable. So, make a play list of songs that you and your group would like to sing along.

Bump up the drive with games

There are numerous games to play when you are driving down to a destination. For decades, people have experienced boredom while driving. Hence, there are plenty of games for road trips. One of the most popular ones are:

Name a city: You have to name a city that starts with the alphabet of the city mentioned previously. For instance, your friend says Jaipur, you have to name a city that starts with ‘R’ like Raipur. The game goes on and on.

Movie game: One person says a name of an actor or actress—Amitabh Bachchan. The next person has to say one of his movies—Sholay. The next player says another actor or actress from the movie—Hema Malini. The game goes on till someone is incorrect and he or she is out of the game.

Crack away on the highway

A great way to lighten and brighten a mood is to crack some jokes. It is age old way to dispel boredom and make this long drive a bearable one. Everyone in the vehicle can take turns to say a joke. Take a cue from this joke: I refuse to take my dog on road trips anymore. He can be such a back seat driver.

Jokes and riddles will guarantee wipe away travelling blues and time will pass so quickly. You will be at your destination, before you know it.

Catch up with your book

There are amazing books that you want to read, but you do not have the time shuffling between work and home. Now that you are on a holiday and you have hours to spend before you reach, why not read a book. You may say, reading a book in a moving car gives you a headache. So, get an audiobook and listen away to the story. There is always a solution to life’s problems. Now a days, you can easily access an audiobook for the book you wish to read. This has evolutionised the way we consume books.

Either play Rummy on an app, listen to music, or simply chat – You are now equipped with ideas to keep yourself and others entertained. You are prepared to take on the Indian roads with these ideas. There will be no room for boredom.

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