Top 5 Indian Web Series That You Must Watch in 2017

We are on the last leg of this year and there are few web series that you just can’t miss and move on to the New Year. So, if you think you are tired of the same old TV series and no movie really takes your fancy, check these 5 web series that is an absolute watch for 2017.

Permanent Roommates

web series 5

This is the latest web series running in Tamil language. Mikesh has returned from USA and proposes to Tanya for marriage. However, Tanya is unsure if she should take the plunge. Watch this fun series, showing the conflicts of today’s couples and how it all works out.

Watch it here:

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2

The favourite family of the television comes back with a twist. Adding a bit of pep up and some double entendre jokes this is a fun take that you can enjoy any evening. The show highlights are Rosesh’s marriage to Jasline and Monisha finally walking out. Want to know what happened?

Check it out here. (

Tech Conversations with Dad

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Well, this is pure fun and we all relate to it at one level or the other. If you have ever thought how difficult it would be to explain simple things of tech to your dad, this answers it right on. There are many that are around, but this Diwali special had just hit the top trending list and went Viral like crazy. Here the dad is learning how to play rummy online. Enjoy it and take a flash back in the Diwali nostalgia.

Watch it here:

As I’m Suffering From Kadhal

Who says couples are regular romantic or saas bahu drama. Here is a web series about four pairs that comprise of a divorced father, his daughter, a live in couple, a married couple and a lovesick Jodi (yep, one still there). It is packed with good laugh and shares the modern love story twists minus the soggy melodrama.

Watch it here (

TVF Pitchers

web series 54

Another bag of interesting TV Series is the ‘Pitchers’ in Tamil. The show is about four friends who share innovative ideas in the day and sit over a pitcher of beer by night. It is all about skills, entrepreneurship and moving forward, in spite of challenges. It is a fun series that is a must watch in 2017.

Watch it here:

So, what is your favourite pick? Share your best entertainment dose with us.


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