Two Sides of Online Rummy

Two Sides of Online Rummy

Two Sides of Online Rummy

The internet explosion has introduced a whole new world of online gaming which has swept across the world and has firmly created a niche for itself as a source of sport, enjoyment and entertainment. 

Skill-based games such as Rummy, in its online avatar especially, have been gaining widespread recognition in the last few years. The Supreme Court, having granted it legal status, and the ongoing pandemic has only helped in establishing Online Rummy firmly in India.

Rummy isn’t just a sport; it can be considered a life coach as well, provided one is an eager learner. A good rummy player needs to inculcate good observation skills, display excellent organizational skills, in addition to endurance, patience and the ability to adapt as well as change the strategy as and when the situation demands. These skills are essential in our everyday life too…don’t you agree?

At the same time, as the saying goes ‘every coin has two sides, let us too, discuss the pros and cons of Online Rummy; its popularity only seems to be growing in leaps and bounds.

The Pros

  • Hassle-free and more convenient, online rummy doesn’t involve the entire time-consuming effort of setting up a suitable venue and inviting players.
  • An excellent source of sport and entertainment with the freedom of logging in from anywhere and anytime. In this, technology plays a huge hand in making Rummy websites easily accessible to the remotest village. 
  • Online rummy game free versions offer far more variations as compared to rummy played in a physical and traditional set-up. Innovative formats and exciting offers provide better prospects for winning and making money.
  • Online rummy card game offers far more flexibility to a player. Any eager and enthusiastic player can log in even when travelling, when at home or on a holiday trip. 
  • It has been observed over a period of time, a group of regular players tend to start anticipating and predicting each other’s moves. However, in the online version, a player cannot only play against unknown opponents but also play with amateurs and professionals alike.
  • Professional guidance and support right from registration to the process of encashing winnings are provided at any point in time, which may not be possible in a traditional, physical setup.
  • Privacy to play away from judgmental stares of the conservative sections of the society who still frown upon any kind of game that involves stakes.

The Cons

Yes, it is always advisable to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of every game. However when the merits outweigh the demerits by a huge margin it automatically makes the job easier.

  • Rummy game does tend to get immersive, the cash rewards and other thrilling offers make it irresistible for hardcore enthusiasts. However, discretion is always the player’s responsibility.
  • Reluctance or non–acceptance by a certain segment of the society who believe sports shouldn’t be based on money.
  • Every player needs to have an individual device, unlike traditional Rummy where a group of players use the same deck.

So, is Online Rummy a boon or a bane?…. 

Well….That is for each one to decide for themselves.

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