Wrong Moves That Can Spoil Your Rummy Game

Wrong Moves That Can Spoil Your Rummy Game

Wrong Moves That Can Spoil Your Rummy Game

Rummy is arguably the most popular among the various card games played in India. With the advent of online free rummy gaming platforms, the popularity of the game has increased ten-fold.

Millions now go online to play the digital version of the game. Besides being a source of entertainment and fun, online Rummy also tests your memory and strategy skills. Rummy is a game of moves that a player makes based on strategies, to win.

The game is basically about forming sets and sequences first. There are certain rules in online Rummy that players have to follow, regarding the sets and sequences. It may sound easy, but any wrong move can impact the game. There are certain common mistakes that many players make. Let’s look into what they are and what one should avoid doing while playing a rummy game.

Know the Rules: There are many types of Rummy game variants played online, but the basic rules are the same. Sometimes some exceptions and tweaks are made at certain tables depending on the players’ skillsets. Hence, before sitting at any table, determine what type of Rummy they are playing and what are the basic rules. Just sitting blindly at a table and assuming all rules are the same ensures your way to a defeat. It is always better to know the rules beforehand than to have regrets later.

Card arrangement: One of the first things you learn about online rummy playing rules is arranging your cards correctly. Sorting cards gives you an edge over your opponents. A well-sorted set of 13 cards in an online Rummy game ensures no confusion about your hand.

A well-arranged hand means that you do not waste time looking for the right cards and do not overlook any to discard. An excellent way of arranging your cards effectively is to alternate the colors. Making a perfect rummy card sequence will help you to create strategies quickly.

First and foremost, analyze the cards according to the sequence you need to form. One trick is to arrange the cards in the red-black-red or black-red-black combination.

Remember, you need a pure sequence of four or more cards, an impure sequence of three cards without the joker, and two sets of three cards with and without jokers.

It is mandatory that you form a sequence. So, while sorting, you should look out for cards that can be used to form sequences.

Sorting is a continuous process. Arrange the cards in the correct sequence as you go along in the game.

Sorting is basic in Rummy.

Keeping Hold of High-Value Cards: A common mistake made by many players in the online game is to hold on to the high-value cards thinking of using them later. In a deck, ace, king, queen and jack are high-value cards and carry 10 points each. It is essential to dropping these cards as they push up your final score. Discard these cards if you cannot form a sequence with them at the earliest. Strategy, skill, and observation are essential to using these cards. Please do not give away the cards for your opponents to use in your haste to get rid of them.

Focus: Like any game, a slight loss of concentration means you might miss a significant move. Focus determines your awareness of what is happening in the game. Wandering attention means a move that might prove costly in the long run. You cannot play the skilled game of Rummy with half your mind on the game. Distractions can prove to be expensive.

Take Your time: Play in haste and repent at leisure should not be the case. Every move is essential; hence take your time discarding and picking up a card. Your decision will impact both your game and the opponent’s game. He or she will determine your cards on your discard and pick. Hence, remember to strategize and take your time.

Use Jokers Effectively: Joker in Rummy is a powerful card. Do not discard it. Joker can be used as a substitute to complete an impure sequence and set, and the point value is zero. So, a joker always brings down the score.

Making An Invalid Declaration: Declaration is what you do once you have fulfilled all the game requirements, that is, have the full sets of sequences, pure and impure. If a player makes an invalid declaration, it can cost a player 80 points, and all the hard work goes down the drain. So, make sure to check that you have the required pure sequences before declaring a win.

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