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5 Practices to Improve Your Online Rummy in 2017
So, you have always loved rummy and now have got your account on RummyCircle. Well done, that was a smart move!

You're probably now happily using your skills to enjoy rummy games and are quite impressed by your moves. But do you know the other moves that could improve your game play significantly? Check out these five ways to improve your online rummy play this year.

New Year Rummy

Get a bit more adventurous

New Year Rummy
It's always tempting to walk on the tried and tested way. But, if you play at only one particular time, then you miss out on the new tournaments and the awesome rewards they offer. RummyCircle has tournaments with big bonanza like mobile phones, monthly bumper awards and lots more. Of course, all the tournaments are spread across different days and time. Play at different times and win big prizes every day. You never know, what your new favourite could turn out to be.

Get into the journal habit

New Year Rummy
Keeping track of different tournaments and the winning amounts of each tournament is a must. Of course, RummyCircle helps keep track of things but the best way to go about it, is by making a journal and not depend completely on your memory. You can keep it simple by just adding date, game and how much you won and invested. It helps see things in clear perspective.

Make the best use bonuses and promotions

New Year Rummy
It’s not hard to find bonuses or promotions on RummyCircle. Then why not use it to the best of advantage? All you have to do is sign up and keep playing games. You will get all notifications and offers right on your screen. If you are not taking advantage of this, then you are missing out on one of the best things about online rummy.

Set time and stick to it

New Year Rummy
Rummy is an absolute fun game and you can keep on playing and then a bit more and more. Before you know, it’s way past your bedtime. So, have fun but then you need to keep a tab on things as well. Simple solution… set an alarm on your mobile and stick to it. Rummy is tempting, but alas we have to resist the temptation as well.

Stay within the budget

New Year Rummy
Responsible game play means, managing your cash sensibly. Make a budget and always stay well within it. It will give you peace of mind and help you enjoy many more wins. Also, never chase your losses. When you chase your losses, you end up spending your winnings that you really hadn’t planned on. If you haven’t been following this so far, it should definitely be one of the New Year resolutions for you.

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100% Legal:

100% Legal Rummy was declared to be a game of skill by the Honbl. Supreme Court of India in 1968 and is 100% legal to play for free or for cash. more...

Responsible Play:

100% Legal Multiple play limits to keep your game playing experience pleasurable. Stay in control, stay entertained!
* Players must be 18 years of age to play real money rummy
* This is an indicative amount only and this includes promotional tournaments and bonuses. Actual amount may differ and would depend on the total number of cash tournaments played on the Website and bonuses claimed by players in a calendar month. Individual winnings depend on your skill and the number of cash tournaments you play in a calendar month.