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Ultimate Bet – Cricket.

Enjoy IPL with this new social cricket betting app

BANGALORE, INDIA: Now you can enjoy the IPL season with your friends sitting miles away- challenge them with all your cricket gyaan and even place friendly bets with this new real-time cricket betting app, Ultimate Bet – Cricket.

It is a free to play social game developed by Play Games24x7. The game is available on the Google Play store.

During a live match, players can make real-time bets per ball and also earn virtual chips. Players can also invite their friends through social networking site Facebook and messaging app WhatsApp and earn virtual chips in return.

Additionally, they can also participate in five over betting tournaments and play against the best players in the country. The app will soon introduce exciting features like bet per over and bet per match.

Play Games24x7 CEO Trivikraman Thampy said, “With the launch of Ultimate Bet – Cricket, we have taken cricket watching experience to the next level by giving cricket fans a chance to not just watch but also engage with friends during the match, especially in this IPL season.”

The game has already witnessed a download of 50,000 in the pilot stage.

Ultimate Games is also active in the popular social casino games with other games like Ultimate Teen Patti, Ultimate Rummy and Ultimate Poker.

It owes its success to super smooth playing experience, multi-lingual content, low battery consumption, and most importantly optimum internet data consumption while playing the game.

Date: April 28, 2016, BANGALORE
Source: http://www.ciol.com/enjoy-ipl-with-this-new-social-cricket-betting-app/

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