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Our tournaments are offered in the knockout format identical to the skill-based competitions like Wimbledon and French open tennis tournaments. Winners in one round move to the next round and so on till a final winner emerges. All players have a skill rating based on their past performance. This skill rating is determined using the US Chess Federation rating system and is updated after every tournament. Identical to Wimbledon and the French open, this skill rating determines the seedings for players in each tournament they play, which in turn determines who they will play. All tournaments have a skill rating range associated with them. Players have the choice to decide what tournament they would like to play based on their skill rating and the permissible skill rating range for a tournament. We offer two types of tournaments under this format.

Cash Tournaments

These are tournaments with cash prizes. Players can purchase a tournament seat by putting forth an entry fee, which could be different for different tournaments. We retain a small fraction of the total entry fee pool as our service charge and the remaining is distributed as cash prizes among a pre-specified number of top tournament finishers (typically 25%). Some of the real cash tournaments are promotional (free-to-join) and are meant to give our players a feel for the competition in tournaments with cash prizes.

Practice Tournaments

Fun Cash is the RummyCircle currency. On joining www.RummyCircle.com, all players get 10,000 units of Fun Cash. This currency can be used to participate in Practice tournaments where the entry fee is in Fun Cash only. These tournaments are offered 24x7 and serve a very important purpose. They let players earn Fun Cash and improve their skills without paying anything.

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