3 Reasons Your Wife Will Never Stop You From Playing Rummy

3 reasons your wife will Never stop you from playing this game

Have you had moments where you have given more attention to a game than your wife and a fight ensues? Worry not. Here’s a game that your wife will love just as much as you do – Rummy. We give you 3 reasons why your wife won’t be able to resist the game, and 3 real, live examples with it!

  1. You win a mobile phone and gift it to her


Ramachandrann R, a Sales Manager from Coimbatore, loves playing online games. He found out about RummyCircle from Facebook and started playing regularly. One day, he won a Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone in the Sunday Masters Tournament. He was ecstatic. Ramachandran shares his RummyCircle review “I gifted the mobile phone to my wife. She was so happy!”. Isn’t this a great way to get your wife to love the game you love?

  1. You win money and buy household items with it

Prasad Dangeti, Businessman from Hyderabad, is a regular Rummy player. He plays on rummycircle.com in his free time and wins Rs 4,000-5,000 every week! And this is what he did with the money he won last month. “I and my wife purchased a fridge with the money I won on RummyCircle. I play rummy online for entertainment, and if I get extra income, it’s nice only”, says Prasad. It’s also the secret to making your partner happier.

  1. She sees you winning money and she wants to play too; Now you are a couple that plays, enjoys and wins together

Jaheer Basha, a Sales Manager from Hyderabad, has won a total of Rs 40,000 playing Rummy on rummycircle.com so far. When his wife saw that his winnings were real, she also got interested in the game. It was easy for her to learn the basics and Jaheer also guided her on how best to play the game. Jaheer says not to play every hand that you are dealt, “To win, it is important to think and play”. Rummy surely helped this couple bond over a game.

Now that you have 3 solid reasons to play Rummy, simply register and start playing on best rummy app today. You can unwind, relax and enjoy the game alone or with your partner. If you are good at it, you may get a chance to shower your wife with gifts.

Now that’s what we call a win-win situation

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