3 Tips to Win 13 Cards Rummy Game with the Discards Sections

The game of 13 card Rummy is no rocket science if only you learn to outsmart your opponents through carefully conceived tricks. All that is demanded of you is an undivided attention on the discarded portion. What do you gain by it? Well, you get an overall picture as to where the game is heading to, by doing it. This will help you to plan the strategies accordingly. So, let us quickly run into some of the tips that will aid you in using the discarded section in 13 card game effectively.

rummy tips to win real money

Tracking your opponents’ cards:

Half the battle is secured when you are good enough in tracking your opponents’ cards. This is only possible if you stay alert as to what is happening in the discard section. To do that, you should keep track of the cards discarded by your opponent regularly. Is that even humanly possible to memories every card in the discarded section? Of course, not. But with the support of advance features of online Rummy, you will be able to view all the cards available in the discarded section. How to create pure sequence and sets

Options available in the discarded section to track cards:

By mastering the art of using cards in the discarded section you can turn the games to your advantage.  You will be surprised to see how you can plan your game by tracking the cards. As you start playing the game, you need to check the bottom left section where you can see a tab with card symbols in it. By clicking on it, you can see the cards discarded by your opponents at once. In fact, you can even spot the names of the opponents along with the discarded cards. Again, if you find the cards highlighted with a blue halo, it means those were the cards picked up by your opponent through the open deck.

What is it like effectively using the discarded section:

Having learnt how to view the cards in the discarded section, let us now understand how to efficiently use it to win games. Since you can track the cards discarded by your opponents, you can in turn plan your own discards. For example, if your opponent discards a Queen of spade, you can cheerfully plan to discard cards like Ace, King, Jack of the same genre. In all probability, your opponent will not be picking those cards as he will not be able to form a sequence with them. After all Rummy works on a simple theory – the ones which are useful to you may be useless to your opponents and vice versa.

Simple Rummy tips to remember isn’t it!

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