4 Reasons this years’ Diwali will be bigger and better with RummyCircle’s Diwali Rummy Tournament

diwali-rummy-tournament-fb-2015_779-x-288The 7th Annual Diwali Rummy Tournament is on in full swing. We give you 3 reasons why you just can’t miss playing in this tournament!

  1. Bigger prizes: Each year, RummyCircle tries to deliver better than the best Rummy experience. From the inception of Diwali Rummy tournament in 2009, the prize money has gone up from Rs 72 thousand to a whopping Rs 76 lakh in 2015! It gets better than this only on rummycircle.com
  1. More number of seats: From 1.5 lakh seats last year, this year’s tournament is nearly 3 times the size with 4 lakh seats. This means 4 lakh people can participate! Are you one of them? Don’t miss this chance.Learn how to play rummy here.
  1. Increased number of games: Last year, the qualifiers led to one Grand Finale. This time, to ensure players enjoy the full month preceding Diwali, the qualifiers from Monday – Saturday lead to a weekly Finale with cash prizes of over Rs 2 lakh. So this gives you many more chances of winning big cash prizes with 5 weekly Finale’s before you hit the grand Finale on November 8. The best part is, if you are an awesome player and got your ticket to the grand finale in the first go, you can still continue playing and adding to your winning instead of waiting for the grand finale. Tempted yet?
  1. More people will win: More money, more participation, and more games means just one thing – that more number of people will be winners. Last year, number of people who won in the qualifiers was 20,500. This year, the number has doubled. In all, there will be 40,000 winners in the qualifiers. What’s more is that there are 3,600 additional winners in the Finale as compared to just 790 last year. So the chances that you are one of the Grand winners are 4 times as compared to last year.

As the saying goes “better late than never” start playing today and enjoy the thrill, fun and cash that this Diwali tournament has to offer. Start now to play in the Sunday Finale II

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