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How to Play Rummy

How to play Rummy - Guide for Beginners

If you are new to Rummy, these tips on how to play rummy will be very helpful. Firstly, the game is played with 2 deck of cards where 13 cards are distributed to each player. Secondly, you can play with 2 to 6 players. Thirdly, it's all about making sequences and sets. So far so good? Let's get deeper into how to play rummy.

Here are a few more pointers 1) The dealer is chosen at random at the beginning, and then each player takes turn to deal the cards 2) Once the cards a dealt, a random card is selected from the deck that is called the joker. A joker can be used as a substitute for any other card 3) To finish or declare this card game, you must have atleast 2 sequences (of which one has to be pure) and remaining cards can be arranged as sets

Before we dive into these simple details, take a look at the quick introduction video on how to play rummy so you can get a clear idea of what these terms mean

How to Play Rummy - Quick Introduction

Quick Introduction (Demo)

You can pick and choose

Below are the 3 formats of the card game Rummy along with videos on how to play rummy - Points, Pool and Deals Rummy. Check out the videos, pick your favourite, and start playing.

How to play Deals Rummy

Tournaments (Interactive Demo)
This format was introduced by RummyCircle exclusively for its players. The game is played for a set number of deals - 2 or more. When all deals are complete, player with maximum number of chips is the winner. Watch the video to know more.

How to play Points Rummy

Points Rummy (Full Game Demo)
This is the classic format of Rummy where points are assigned to each card. It can be played with 13 or 21 cards. The 13 card game format is preferred due its fast pace. Watch the demo to know how Points Rummy is played.

How to play Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy (Full Game Demo)
Pool rummy is one of the most popular 13 card game rummy versions that you can enjoy on our website. It recreates your local rummy club experience online! Watch the video to know how Pool Rummy is played.

Basic Know-How's of Rummy

Players & Deck

  • Rummy can be played with total of 2 to 6 players.
  • It is played with a 2 deck of cards & 13 cards are distributed to each player.
  • It is all about making sequence or sets.

Card Ranks & Values

  • Rank of the cards in ascending order: 2, 3, 4... 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.
  • Weight-age of Face cards & Ace - 10 points. Other cards carry respective weight-age e.g. Card numbered 2 has weight-age of 2, Card numbered 3 has weight-age of 3.

Draw & Discard cards

A player on his/her turn picks a card from closed deck or the top of the discarded pile & discard one card from his/her cards. Now that you know how to play Rummy, let us dig down further into the minute Rules of Rummy.

Rummy Tips & Tricks

  • Draw - Keep a watchful eye on the discard pile since it is face-up & you can see in advance what you are getting. The stock card pile is face-down hence you cannot see the card and you are committed to take the card. Also, in case you have picked a card from the stock-pile, you can add that card in your set without showing it to the other players.
  • Discard - At the end of your turn, you need to discard one card. However, if you have picked a card from the discarded pile, than you cannot discard the same card since that would leave the pile unchanged. The bottom line is - You need to discard a different card. On the other hand, you can discard the same card which you have picked from the stock card-pile.

If the closed deck is exhausted & the player does not want to draw from the discard pile than it is turned over without shuffling and used as Stock Pile.

Importance of Joker

One card from the rest of the deck is the Joker. It is randomly selected & that card becomes the Joker for that game. If you get a Joker, use it at the right time of the game & it makes sense to hold it till that time. If used effectively, there is no card as powerful as 'The Joker' in Rummy. The Joker is allowed to be used in place of any card when a set is being formed, so it is very important how you use the Joker in a game of Rummy.

Sets & Sequence

Now that you have learned the basics of how to play Rummy its time to learn how to finish or win a game of Rummy. In order to win the game, player needs to call for a Show. In case of 13 cards Rummy, the player needs to have 14 cards out of which (s)he closes one card before calling for a Show. After the player calls for a show, (s)he needs to combine the remaining 13 cards in hand into sets & needs to get them validated from the other players. If it meets the criteria than the player who has called for Show would win the game.

  • Sequence - It consists of three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order. It can be either a pure sequence or a sequence with a joker. A player should have minimum two sequences out of which one should be a Pure sequence i.e. Sequence without containing a Joker. An example of sequence is below: how to play rummy
  • Set A group of 3 or more cards of the same suit that are in consecutive order. An example of set is below: how to play rummy arrange set and sequence

If the stock pile is run out of cards & the next player does not opt to take any card from the discarded pile then the discarded is turned over & the play continues.

The game would finish when either of the players win an individual hand which is possible either by melding i.e. formation of sequence or set or laying off or discarding the cards.

So, we have touched upon all the important points like How to Play Rummy, Basic rules of Rummy etc. With more & more practice you can definitely become a Pro in the game of Indian Rummy.

With the declaration of Supreme Court of India declaring Rummy as a game of Skill & making it legal, should make you all the more motivated to try the game of Rummy. With Rummy, you have the advantage of not only sharpening your mind skills but also making real money. There are Daily, Occasional & Seasonal tournaments that are held every year & participation in those tournaments would definitely turn fruitful since there are exciting prizes to be won.

At RummyCircle, we are striving hard to offer our users not only the best platform to play games but win real cash too.

So, what are you waiting for ? Deep dive into the game of Rummy !!

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