6 Ways to use Project Management Skills in Rummy


We know and we get it, project management isn’t confined to handling projects and delivering results on time – it’s also about the approach and roadmap to make sure even the future projects run smoothly. This is exactly how the online Rummy functions. 

Rummy offers the ability to practice, experiment, make mistakes, win prizes, and be spontaneous when the challenges arise. The humdrum routine work is brimming with repetitive activities. You learn swimming, or typing, for instance, and keep doing it over and over again sans variation. But think about those times when your opponent tries to trick you into a situation you haven’t come across, or you encounter a move you never knew existed? Practice games are project chartering. Knowing your opponent is stakeholder identification. And you, the project manager, metaphorically, of course. 

You won’t be surprised to find out project management in places you least expect it. It’s a necessity  in almost every organization, but it’s also hidden in the context of Rummy. Risk management, prioritization, scaling, resources – and you’ve already started thinking of more while we say this.

Here’s a list of project management skills a player can leverage while playing Rummy – 

  • Mastering the schedule – 

Every single time you’re assigned a project, there is a deadline and set of tasks attached to it. But guess what? Plotting the route is up to you. Laying out a schedule in Rummy is as important as playing the game itself. To become a disciplined player, track the online rummy tournaments and make a schedule based on how much you intend to play during the week or month. Keep updating it if you come across anything exciting; but stick to the time slots you’ve given yourself.  If you’re new to the online rummy cash games, try to choose low and micro stake tournaments so that you can keep playing and practicing interchangeably.  

  • Manage risks properly – 

You’re now happy with the planning; but the road to victory doesn’t mean you choose a path and reach per your convenience. It’s about efficiency. It’s about choosing the resources wisely. It’s also about being mindful of risks and challenges those elements would come with. While at it, it’s only fair to keep an eye on the bank account and set a higher limit to the budget while playing a rummy game. Don’t go overboard with assigning the budget to online rummy especially if you’re new to it, learn the game through free practice games, and then get to the tournaments. The goal should be to use a decent amount initially and let it size up through a steady run. 

  • Aim for quality – 

Losing sight while working on a project is as normal as it sounds. This is why they say – don’t get too occupied working on bits and pieces of the project that you end up forgetting the bigger picture. Micro plus macro is what makes the game strong. The game of online Rummy isn’t about the number of practice games or tournaments you’re involved in – it’s about how much you’re absorbing from each one of those. If you’ve played 10 games and are still struggling with what an open deck is, trust us, you need to focus on quality. Play at your convenience, but when you do, be 100% into the game and let every move/strategy/concept sink in.

  • Be empathetic – 

Managing your project is not the only thing you should aim for. From your team, to vendors, clients, and stakeholders, everyone needs to be treated nicely. Great, if you’ve been working with your team like a well-oiled machine, but even if an external supplier kicks in, you should be able to converse like you would with your team. It’s very easy to veil yourself in the virtual environment, but it always helps to be empathetic and care for the fellow players. The chat feature works as a networking platform for online Rummy enthusiasts across the nation – it’s a game and you won’t always win, but how you talk will matter to each one of them.

  • Being Flexible – 

No matter how much you try there’s always something that goes wrong. Crux of the matter lies in how you handle it when the inevitable occurs. Finding a way out will always be through and that’s how a project will become successful. In the game of Rummy, your strategies won’t always work out, or the approach you think worked out best for you till now will change. It’s an evolving and fast-paced game with new players joining the community almost every day – and every mind comes with its own set of strategies. Our advice? Be flexible and learn from the wins and losses with every game!

  • Don’t take impulsive decisions –

Taking fast decisions is one thing and impulsive decisions is another – mix critical and quick in equal parts and that will translate into a wise decision. The game of online Rummy is a pure game of skill and should be played like for entertainment. Don’t take fast decisions in context of making online Rummy your escape. We call it responsible gaming – for every player to be safe and treat the game as a game. Set aside winning or losing and play when you want to unwind.

Key Takeaways – 

Like a project manager, you’d not be able to master every skill. A point of perfection is subjective and holds different for almost everyone. Every project (read game) is different, every single person you work with (read opponent) would be different and therefore, changing your approach on the basis of every unique game won’t hurt.

Online Rummy is not limited to traditional ways now and it says a lot about how far it will go in the coming years. To succeed at it, practice games should become a part of the routine. And last tip – Like a good project manager, it’s good to keep learning and evolving in the field – which will serve you good for the present and the future. 


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