If You Are Doing These Top 5 Activities, You Are A Millennial

If You Are Doing These Top 5 Activities, You Are A Millennial

If You Are Doing These Top 5 Activities, You Are A Millennial

There are certain habits millennials do unknowingly. They have subconsciously picked it up from popular culture, media, and friends and incorporated it into their daily lives. One of the times that they realize they are doing something differently is when others point it out to them. You know like the way they communicate. Only a millennial will be heavily dependent on chatting platforms instead of making a phone call. Also, when it comes to playing games; millennials prefer online rummy, battle arena, and online football, just to name a few.

However, there are several more factors that are associated with millennials. If you automatically do the following things, you can call yourself a millennial.

1) Transportation Has A New Meaning

If you are going to work or returning from a party, you call for a ride. It is so easy to call for a taxi rather than take the car or bike out. In most cities, it is difficult to find parking to add to it the conditions of the roads are so bad. You land up spending money on repairing the vehicle or paying for pay-and-park or risk your vehicle from being towed away. Also, driving on Indian streets remains a heart-racing activity. If you are going for a party, you do not want to arrive in a bad mood – thanks to the bad roads, lack of parking, and traffic. Hence, millennials prefer to call a taxi and it has redefined travelling.

2) Online Gaming, A Stress Buster

Smartphones are a lifeline. Even when it comes to taking a break, you can do it on a phone like play games to ease your mind. One of the popular ways to de-stress is to play card games, but online. Take for instance, rummy – a traditional Indian game that can now be played on smartphones. One such popular online card game is rummy and the leading rummy platform in India is RummyCircle. It has several plus points too. Do a rummy game download for this app and enjoy the variations available for this game such as Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Deal Rummy. As it is an online game you can play it anywhere, win real cash prizes, and it is super secure platform. These are some of the reasons why millennials love playing online games.

3) Foodie With No Reservations

Social media platforms have bridged the gap between cuisines from all over the world. Chefs and home chefs and amateurs are inspired to try recreating dishes that are sweeping the internet. Even if you are unskilled in the kitchen, there are various outlets that offer numerous cuisines and fusion versions of internationally renowned dishes. In India, we have adopted nachos, pizza, and burgers and given it the Indian tadka. You have local flavours such as butter chicken, kheema, and tandoori infused in these foods. If you are revving to experiment with these foods, then you are likely to be a millennial. The internet has introduced young adults to a wide range of delicacies that they are willing to try without any hesitation. This is a true millennial – trying something new and different.

4) Cashing In On Experience

Back in the day, it was important to work hard and invest your money to buy a house or save money for a rainy day or retirement. Presently, young adults are saving money to go on a backpacking tour of Europe or scale the Himalayas or tour every corner of India. Millennials are leaving their high-paying jobs and opting to start ventures such as organising bike tours in Central Europe or building a retreat haven is midst of nature or promoting agro-tourism. Basically, if you prefer having a good experience, you are a millennial. Young adults choose to use their money to have an enriching experience, filled with memories.

5) Digital Meetings The Way Forward

It is not uncommon to have a video conference anymore. With high-speed internet, you can connect with colleagues, friends, and family from anywhere. Every day apps have kept us connected and eliminated distance.

In companies, the staff are conducting meetings with the help of the internet and it is saving time and money. Employees discuss projects and make acquisitions over a digital meeting with colleagues and clients too.

Families keep in touch over a video call – anytime they want, without a break in connection.

Friends update each other even if someone has moved to a new city. It is like distance is a physical state, but the internet has erased the gap. And millennials are all too familiar with this mode of communication.

There are certain behavourial traits that define millennials. If you have noticed, the traits taper to new adventures, use technology to simplify life, and open to exploring life. So, are you a millennial?

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