The Bold Or The Quiet Way: What’s Your Rummy Style?

The Bold Or The Quiet Way What’s Your Rummy Style

The Bold Or The Quiet Way What’s Your Rummy Style

Everyone who has played a game of rummy would agree that it is a game that requires strategy and immense concentration. Whether you play rummy online or with your friends at home, an undeniable fact is that you work on your memory, attention, and strategic thinking skills. The mental skills that you develop through the game are known, but a lesser known interesting aspect of the game is that it brings out the type of player you are.

Yes, apart from being a thoroughly enjoyable game, rummy also brings out your personality traits. Your strategies and methods of gameplay reflect the kind of player you are – from the calm, thoughtful person to the determined go-getter. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that rummy players broadly fit into two categories – the bold player and the quiet player. Read on to find out which camp you belong to. 

The Bold Player 

The bold players are easy to spot, simply because of their evident passion for the game, which often results in impulsive actions. Bold players don’t spare any hand. They see every hand as a winning opportunity and play with enthusiasm. Even if they don’t have pure sequences, they try their best to meld cards to get a taste of victory somehow. 

Perks Of Being A Bold Player 

Determined and strong-willed, you play every hand dealt to you with enthusiasm. Because of this strategy, you get hands-on experience with different hands and understand how to deal with them. With each game, you gain experience and become better at turning the dowdiest hands into winning ones. This way, you compensate for the losses you may have made in your amateur days. Aggressive plays are fruitless without a polished strategy. Because of the long and demanding learning curve, bold players develop a spirit of sportsmanship. Thus, you learn to take your losses as a necessary experience and do not complain. 

The Flip Side 

As a bold player, you may be so focused on building sequences that you overlook the larger game at play. Sometimes, your conviction can work against you and result in a loss. This is because, in your desire to do well, you forget to pay attention to how the other players strategize their game. You also tend to fall into a rut. If you note and follow the pattern of discarded cards carefully, you can easily overpower this disadvantage. 

The Quiet Player 

Quiet players go unnoticed until they have won the game. Attentive to other players’ tactics and strategies, quiet players are clever and know how to tilt the game in their favour without grabbing much attention. Right from the day they learn how to play rummy, they aim at making safe but key moves that take them to the winning position. Quiet players are goal-oriented and demand results. In case the game is taking an unfavorable turn, they will drop in between an ongoing game. Smart as they are, these players indulge in fishing to lead the game in the direction they want. 

Perks Of Being A Quiet Player 

As a quiet player, you keep your cool even if you are in a tight spot. Your calm nature helps you evaluate the situation and think of solutions to get out of a sticky situation. If you feel that you are out of your depth, you will drop the game. But, in most instances, your patience helps you cross the finish line. 

When playing with money, you never lose a lot because you don’t take unwarranted risks. You don’t fear failure and would rather quit than lose more points. The skill of great strategy comes in handy in most card games. Smart and skilled fishing requires practice and experience. Quiet players who are capable of strategizing well will root out their opponents and win without falling prey to the opponent’s tricks. 

The Flip Side 

Dropping games becomes an ill habit that quiet players fall prey to. This habit proves to be detrimental to your gameplay if you practice it very frequently. When you don’t explore different situations of the game, you will never get the opportunity to learn new strategies. Because of this, there is a tendency to fall into the same patterns and trends among quiet players.

Learn From Each Other 

Bold players should imbibe the other’s patience and strategy development. Staying calm, mixed with the determination, will improve the game skill. On the other hand, the quiet players should stay determined and focus on winning the game. Giving up very quickly can hinder growth and experience. Whichever type you are, there is a lot you can learn from the other to strengthen your game.

Rummy is a versatile game that is enjoyable and beneficial. Apart from the entertainment, it also helps you learn strategy development, teaches patience, and improves your memory. If you’re a beginner wondering how to play rummy, you only have to look at new-age online renditions that offer just the right platform to flex those mental muscles. Download rummy app to find out now!

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