Joining The Cash Game For The First Time? Check This Out

Joining The Cash Game For The First Time? Check This Out

Joining The Cash Game For The First Time? Check This Out

Among all gaming websites available in India, RummyCircle is by far the most reliable one as far as offering cash games are concerned. One need not be iffy about playing real cash games Rummy in RummyCircle as the Supreme Court of India has categorically confirmed that Rummy, being a game of skill is completely legal. In fact, playing for cash is the highlight of online Rummy games in RummyCircle. Before joining cash games for the first time, you need to check the following.

Steps to be followed before joining cash games:

  1. Register yourself in the RummyCircle:

Download the RummyCircle app and register yourself by giving the details required in it. It is absolutely free to create an account in RummyCircle.  Registration is achieved by giving a desired user id and password in addition to furnishing your email id. For quick registration, it is better to link your account with your Facebook account, if you have one.

  1. Access video tutorials and start playing practice games:

Before venturing into playing cash games, it is always better for you to get yourself acquainted with the game in full by going through the video tutorials available in the site.  Once you are through with it, then go to the practice tables and play the game available for free. Practice exhaustively and learn all the nuances of the game before playing cash games.

  1. Play cash games once you are confident:

If you feel your game has evolved and you start showing traces of confidence, you can move to cash tables. Cash games make RummyCircle thrilling and enjoyable. There are different payment options available with which you can add cash to your account. The minimum amount to be added so is Rs.25/-. You need to select a cash game from the Rummy lobby and start playing. Your winnings will be added to your account which can be withdrawn at any time you want.

Having understood the steps to play cash games, let us now understand its features and procedures.

Adding monthly and daily cash limits:

Cash games allows two sets of limits. One is on a monthly basis and the other on a daily basis. Monthly limit is ascertained by your history in RummyCircle which allows you to add a certain maximum amount which is nothing, but a default amount set by the system. It can be either increased or decreased at your discretion.

Well that was about monthly limit. Let us now understand about the daily limit. Depending on your account validation this dynamic limit gets set by the system.  It is a rolling limit which can be added in two parts. When the limit set is Rs.1000 for 24 hours, you can add half of the same by 3 PM today and the other half by next day 3 PM.

By making these limits for the players, RummyCircle enables Responsible play as a feature which alerts the players from going overboard and add money repeatedly which will be risky.

Rummy games to be played with cash:

The following are the Rummy games that are available to be played with cash in RummyCircle.

Rummy Tournaments:

Time and again, RummyCircle introduces fresh tournaments for its players which are played for cash. Some are registered for free as well. As such, there are regular tournaments dedicated for each days including weekends offering heavy money. Over and above the same, regular updates are given now and then about the tournaments to follow.

Rummy variations:

Apart from Rummy tournaments, RummyCircle has regular fixtures throughout 24×7 available for cash which you can download and play any time. They are different variants of Rummy as below which are played for cash.

Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy.

Safe and Secure payment gateway:

Since playing in RummyCircle involves cash transactions, you expect the site to be safe and secured. This, precisely, what the site offers and ensures that every transaction is 100 percent secure and legal. In fact, KYC verification is done for all accounts that destroys the chance of any kind of fraud.

So, if you are a Rummy aspirant, you have to check out the aforesaid points and understand it fully before trying to play cash games in RummyCircle.

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