Which is better – Cash games or tournaments? (A million-dollar question)

cash vs tournaments in rummy

Mohd. Ali or Frazier, Tendulkar or Dravid, Messi or Ronaldo – As much as it is difficult to pick up one among the two as the ultimate best in any kind of sports, it is equally difficult a choice to make when a Rummy player is asked to choose between Cash games and tournaments. Both the formats have their own pros and cons after all. Again, how an individual perceives each format decides whether a certain element of a format can be categorised as a pro or a con. Now, let us see the features of each of both cash games and tournaments and see how both the formats outscore each other, although Rummy rules remain more or less the same.

How busy are you?

If you are always busy 24×7, then tournament is not something which you can choose to play. The best choice for you is to play cash games for real money. The tournaments begin at a specific time and so you need to be free by then to start playing them. All you can hope for is to beseech the father time to clock fast so that you can approach your retirement age quickly which would help you to be free 24×7. Well, is that even possible? So, you must be satisfied playing cash tables. May be, weekends can come to your rescue since RummyCircle offer many fun-filled tournaments during Saturdays and Sundays. Else, a cash game is the best option for you to make as you can play it whenever it is convenient for you. So, how to weigh advantages and disadvantages here? While a tournament is advantageous only to people who are not burdened with work all the time, cash games are playable for anyone. Now does that make a tournament anything less? The answer is a big NO. Playing tournaments develop in you some good virtues like punctuality and sincerity without which you are sure to miss the bus.

Do you have patience and endurance?

Just because you have the time factor under your control, it does not mean that playing tournaments is easier for you. Are you someone who doesn’t mind getting stuck in traffic for hours together? Are you someone who is prepared to wait in a railway platform indefinitely for the arrival of your train? Ok, forget about these. Are you someone, who is prepared to stay till your wife completes her shopping? Well, then playing tournaments is something which you won’t mind!

Now coming to merits and demerits, just because you can leave Rummy games whenever you want, does that mean cash games can be called more advantageous as compared to the tournaments. At hindsight, it may sound correct. But one thing you should understand is that as a tournament player, as the room for error is very little, you tend to develop more skills when compared to a cash game player since you can leave the table any time.

Do monotonous activities bore you?

Every tournament will be offering something new and so if you are not happy with monotonous activity it is better for you to play it rather than cash games.

However, it is not correct to dismiss cash games as boring and berate it compared to tournaments. There is also an adage that goes “Jack of all trades is master of none.” So, when you keep playing variety of tournaments, you cannot become a specialist in any. On the other hand, since all the cash games are similar, you can master them by keep playing them regularly. After all, experts get more respect, isn’t it?

Summing up:

So, which one is better? Whether to play cash games or tournaments? Well, the answer is this. It depends on your personality after all. If you are always seeking for an easier approach and you are not adventurous, you can be satisfied playing rummy cash games. However, if you are prepared to wait and experience the thrill of online Rummy notwithstanding what the results turn out to be, then you can go for the tournaments. In either case, both cash games and tournaments can give you recognition as an online Rummy player which you have always hoped for while entering the gaming world.

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