Debunking The Stereotypes In Online Gaming

Debunking The Stereotypes In Online Gaming

Debunking The Stereotypes In Online Gaming

Gaming is not simply limited to the physical world but has rapidly conquered the virtual world as well. Internet or online gaming has become the norm. But gaming is an activity of leisure, right? Well, that’s what most people think. This is just one of the many stereotypes associated with online gaming. Let’s explore and try to clear the air about some of the most common myths surrounding online gaming.

A man’s world?

Most people naturally conjure up the image of a man when they think of gaming. However, this is just a stereotype regarding online gaming. According to the Entertainment Software Association, gamers across both genders are almost equal but not evenly distributed. While a lot of women might play games, they might not be necessarily identified as ‘gamers’. Women enjoy gaming sans the label that comes with it. Gaming is also being used as a means to encourage women to choose STEM education. For example – Minecraft: Education Edition allows students to get a taste of the world of gaming and coding simultaneously.

The ‘shrinking violet’ myth

Most people view online gamers as those who are socially inept and dislike socializing with people. Yet, the truth is that most gaming enthusiasts are social butterflies capable of embracing social circles. For instance, most of the rummy lovers play rummy online simply because they are passionate about it. Moreover, online rummy portals and other online games today feature multiplayer options and vibrant communities, offering an opportunity to play and network with strangers. One can also use chat options to make new friends while engaging in a mentally stimulating activity. This way, people can expand their social circles across nations and even continents.

The misunderstood idleton

Online gamers are often seen as couch potatoes with no future goals. The plain truth is that laziness has less to do with gaming and more to do with the person in question. What they many fail to understand is online games can be as mentally stimulating and rejuvenating as, say, reading a good book. Mental activities are not given their due, as many people only seem to see physical activities in a positive light. However, it is important to remember that exercise is not only for the body, but also for the mind- and that is exactly what online gaming can offer.

Purposeful play

Another essential stereotype surrounding online gaming is that it is simply a luxury and not really useful in one’s everyday lives. But nothing could be further from the truth. Many online games are designed by novelists, derived from myths and legends or developed from popular series which are highly educative.

Puzzle games help to develop lateral thinking and problem-solving skills, platforming games are an excellent means to develop faster reflexes, cooperative games encourage teamwork, and strategy games such as rummy enhance one’s decision-making skills – qualities that have much importance in the ‘real’ world. And online gaming, especially those real-time, multiplayer games provide such networks where, by means of “collective intelligence”, one can develop their cognitive skills effortlessly.

The serendipity delusion

A common myth related to online games, especially card games like rummy is that it hardly involves any skill and is based entirely on fluke. Though it is true that your game depends on the way the cards have been dealt, skilled players know how to turn even the worst of hands into their favor. Playing rummy online involves a great deal of skill and mental chops. Also, since cards are dealt at random, there is or no scope for favoritism or biases. You can be down on luck in a few games, but not for long. The cards you’re dealt with may be a matter of coincidence, but what you choose to do with them is purely a matter of skill and discretion.

While it will take some time before the stereotypes surrounding online gaming are dispelled completely, we can start with educating those around us. Needless to say, online gaming has a wealth of benefits to offer. Playing real cash rummy is a legitimate way to win rewards and other exciting prizes, apart from learning new skills. So, if you love playing games online, don’t let these myths keep you from doing what you love and download the online rummy app now!

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