The Coolest Digital Avatars Of Classic Indian Games

The Coolest Digital Avatars Of Classic Indian Games

The Coolest Digital Avatars Of Classic Indian Games

Many of us have grown up playing board and card games like monopoly, scrabble, Uno, Chinese checkers, backgammon, puzzles, sudoku, etc. Growing up, some of these games got replaced with video games, while others remained classic games we occasionally brought out when nostalgia struck. Amongst these, a few stood out as evergreen classics and were given a contemporary twist in the form of online gaming. The digital avatars of two of these traditional Indian favourites are currently riding high on the popularity wave- rummy and chess. So, what makes these digital avatars a favourite among people of all age groups?

Some of these childhood favourites are classic Indian games while others have a foreign origin. However, all of them do not have a permanent imprint on our psyche, but strategy games like rummy and chess have had an intoxicating effect on most since childhood. While playing monopoly, scrabble, and Uno do necessitate some mental exercise, chess and card games like rummy are strategy games that require digging deep into one’s mental faculties to come up with stunning moves. This could be one of the reasons why card games have fascinated the young and adults alike. This would also explain why card games have evolved over the years, unlike many other games. In fact, rummy has enriched the digital landscape of card games by providing interesting variants and features for online gaming.

Nostalgia pulling you back towards your favourite childhood games? Here’s a list of classic games gone digital.

The Rummy App

Now you can play rummy in your mobile phone or tab by simply downloading the rummy app from RummyCircle website. In essence, the app has made the game much more accessible to enthusiasts than ever before. Now you can play the game anytime and anywhere. However, it is not just the accessibility of the game that has enhanced its popularity; there is more to it.

  • Free Tournaments

While cash tournaments are a big draw for players, the rummy site also has the option to play free tournaments where you don’t need to deposit an entry fee. But that doesn’t dim your opportunity to win exciting prizes, for there is a defined reward for each of these free tournaments too!

  • Round The Clock Gaming

There are a number of tournaments and variants of rummy being played at the same time, with thousands of players participating in real time. This makes the game even more challenging and thrilling than the traditional version.

  • Variety Of Tournaments

With the option to play a variety of tournaments, you can never get bored. In fact, there are multiple tournaments held almost every day, with the Grand Rummy Championships being the crown jewel.

Online Chess

Chess has grown out of the traditional wooden board to the realm of online games, and it has acquired a number of features, much like rummy.

  • Challenge Anybody

You can now play a game of chess, not just with your mentor or friend, but with anybody you want to. Popular online chess sites also have world champions as members, and you can challenge chess masters for a game.

  • Play Against Computer

Not just your friends, but your opponent could also be an AI. In fact, playing against a bot is often seen as the beginner’s guide to online chess.

  • Join Chatrooms

Chess websites also have an exciting feature called ‘chat rooms’, where players can choose topics and themes to discuss. Any player can request to enter a chat room and join an ongoing conversation.

  • Different Styles

Online chess is designed in 2D and 3D mode, with features like animated chess pieces adding a dash of amusement to the game. To get a more immersive experience, you can choose the 3D style.

Sudoku Online

The world of Sudoku is not just enigmatic, but also enamouring. People easily fall for the charm of this game, and the online version has only made it better.

  • Any Number Of Puzzles

While playing online Sudoku, you are not limited by combinations and possibilities. As soon as you solve one, a fresh challenge appears.

  • Different Difficulty Levels

There are different levels of online Sudoku. You can choose the level of difficulty based on your experience.

  • Online Tournaments

Online tournaments are held from time to time where players from all over the world participate.


Digital Ludo

Ludo is one of those games that is thoughtless fun, but has been able to cling on to its popularity among old and young alike. The makers of digital ludo have made sure players can experience the same in its pixellated version as well.

  • Game Design

The online version uses bright colours, animated pieces, and quirky background music to keep the game interesting.

  • Ludo Tournament

Yes! As absurd as it may sound, there are online ludo tournaments held every year! In fact, digital ludo lets players test their fortune against others. Though it does not need much of a skill to win a game of ludo, online tournaments can enhance the lure of the game. Play rummy as cash game or practice game – up to you.

So, what’s your pick?

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