The Online Diwali Card Game Is Bringing Dispersed Families Closer

The Online Diwali Card Game Rummy Is Bringing Dispersed Families Closer

The Online Diwali Card Game Is Bringing Dispersed Families Closer

Indian rummy is synonymous with the festival of Diwali, especially on the third day, which is the Lakshmi Puja day. After worshipping the Goddess in the morning, families come together to spend the night playing card games, especially rummy.

However, this was possible when families stayed under one roof or were in the neighborhood. Over the years, this has changed. Siblings, cousins, and other relatives have relocated to different places away from their family or moved to distant cities. This distance has played a dampener on family celebrations. But this is changing with the introduction of online rummy.

Now that you can play rummy from your smartphone, it is changing how families, who are dispersed, are playing rummy on Diwali. Besides, there are several perks to logging in to RummyCircle this Diwali with your family.

Location, Not A Problem:

Smartphones have multiple uses. And now that they are easily available, these devices are used for entertainment too. Dispersed families are turning to smartphones to play rummy with each other. If you cannot travel this Diwali to meet your family, simply join them at an online rummy table and continue the family celebrations from wherever you are located. It promises the same fun, but the excitement is on a whole new level. Also, you can play it round the clock. Yes, you can play the digital version of rummy 24×7, all through the night.

Reliving Old Memories:

Family members move to new homes after they are married or for a new job. It creates a distance, yet there is fondness and belongingness towards the family. After all absence makes the heart grow fonder. Hence, families are joining rummy games online and reliving old memories. One of the differences is that the game is faster, and you are caught up in the pace. It is truly an invigorating game that is fun filled too. Millennials are creating memories with a new medium and it helps them remain connected to their families.

Diwali Rummy Tournaments:

This rummy platform offers various types of tournaments all through the year. However, during Diwali you can join special tournaments that are held for the festive season. You can play multiple tables and participate in multiplayer level, where you scale to the final tournament. All you have to do is register for a tournament in advance and reserve your seat at that tournament. So, bring your family closer via online rummy and join the tournament, which can go on for some time. Online rummy tournaments have a stipulated number of seats, so gather the family and secure your seats in advance.

Bigger Rewards For Diwali:

When it is Diwali, you expect to win exclusive prizes at a rummy game. Whether you are playing rummy from your desktop or opting for rummy download on your phone, you are in for a treat. The prizes are amazing, and it can go up to lakhs. This platform is known for the biggest real cash rewards and it can go to a family member. Now isn’t that a Diwali dhamaka! So, get everyone to join and enjoy playing rummy as a family. It can be one of the most memorable Diwali celebrations the family will remember.

Exciting Rewards, Quick Payout

With the enthusiasm of Diwali running through the family, the online rummy games only add to it. The moment you declare the winning hand and seal the reward to your name, you are bursting with happiness. To keep the celebrations going, this rummy platform offers players quick payout. Platinum Elite and Platinum Club players will receive the real cash rewards within seconds into their account. It is one of the quickest ways to enjoy your prize this Diwali.

Transparency & Reliability

Families prefer to play on a safe, reliable, and trustworthy rummy platform. So, this Diwali play this traditional card game on the most popular platform. There is complete transparency in terms of dealing random cards to winning rewards. This platform understands the bond that family members have for each other and ensures you have the best time during Diwali. When you play rummy on this platform, there is complete transparency and security.

Diwali is a great time to connect with family members and recapture the good old days. Everyone remembers a rummy playing experience that is associated with Diwali. Living in a digital world, you are bound to take this excitement online. This is a great idea for families that have moved to a new home or far off city. So, invite your family, this Diwali for an online rummy game and revel in the special tournaments and exclusive rewards.

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