4 Reasons To Enter The World Rummy Championship 2020

4 Reasons To Enter The World Rummy Championship 2020

4 Reasons To Enter The World Rummy Championship 2020

Rummy undergoes a royal treatment for the World Rummy Championship 2020. After the qualifier and semi-qualifier rounds, the finale will be held in the lap of luxury. 150 rummy finalists from RummyCircle will depart on a royal journey to Sochi, Russia from 27th-30th April 2020. Right from the moment the finalists leave the Mumbai Airport and return back, it will be an experience like never before. The best part is that – it is all expense paid experience. Rummy is a game of skill that is super thrilling and entertaining, but in April, the game will be infused with opulence and splendour. Let us find out what makes this mega tournament a luxurious one.

1) Fly like a VIP on a jet plane

The thought of flying in a private plane is unbelievably. It is something that the rich and famous people do. However, you can be one of the flyers on the charter jet plane that leaves for the Championship.

When you fly in a commercial flight to an international destination, you have to wait in line at every step – check-in, security check, and immigration. The seating at the boarding gate is uncomfortable, unless you have access to the lounge. So, win the grand finale ticket and enjoy the experience of flying to Russia in a private plane. It is a major upgrade from flying commercial. Sip on exquisite beverages and bite into tasteful of extravagant food. Lay back on cozy and spacious seats as the plane makes its way to the beach front city of Sochi.

2) Stay at a priceless hotel

Once you get off the plane, stay like a superstar at one of the city’s most luxury hotels – the Marriott. The location of the hotel is just ideal – nestled at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. So, when you wake up, you are surrounded with majestic mountains. If you want to rejuvenate for the tournament, you can swim at the sparkling indoor or outdoor pool. If you want to ease the nerves, book a spa treatment that exuberate opulence. If you want to retire for the night, head to your room that is equipped with modern facilities. It is a well thought out experience and the stay is on the house – the rummy brand will take care of this priceless stay.

3) Play rummy at the best playing ground

A World Rummy Championship is incomplete without a grand stage. At the Marriott, the 150 finalists will fight it out at the Casino in the hotel. It is a beautiful space that oozes with extravagance. For two days, players of the grand finale will be enveloped with excitement, thrill, and high-octane energy that will resonate from the space. Playing in a luxury casino is a unique experience. It is an interesting way for skilled Indian rummy players will unleash their talents as well as enjoy the finer things in life.

4) Enjoy exclusive privileges as a winner

Let us jump right into it. The winner of the World Rummy Championship takes home an unbelievable Rs. 50 lakhs. He or she will get direct entry to the grand finales of the three biggest rummy tournaments – Diwali Rummy Tournament, Christmas Tournament, Sankranti Rummy Tournament. The total prize pool for these tournaments runs into crores. So, you have an amazing ticket to enter and win them.

Besides the big tournaments, you can enter Grand Finales of 100Xpressway, Sunday Millionaire and Weekend Loot for free. The winner of the Championship will get 100 percent refund on the entry fee for the entire year. That is not all, you will win a direct entry ticket into next year’s World Rummy Championship. Isn’t that great! You can jump into the finale without buying a ticket or playing at the qualifiers.

On this platform, there are clubs such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum clubs. Each club has varied privileges. If you win the championship, then you are upgraded to the highest club – Platinum club. Enjoy the best of this club without going through the process.

The last privilege the winner of the World Rummy Championship will love is a Relationship Manager. The winner will have a personal manager to address every query throughout the year. After all, you deserve to be treated like a king.

Unlike other tournaments and mega events, this rummy tournament is an experience of a lifetime. Expenses are taken care of; you just have to focus on winning a seat at the grand finale. You will be travelling to a mesmerising place where the Winter Olympics was held in 2014. It is a great place to tap into your adventurous side and go skiing, bungee jumping, or swing from the highest swing in the world. Get lost in the natural beauty of the city or delve into the architecture and history of the place. If you love drinking tea, then Sochi is famous for its tea plantations. The city has a lot to offer tourists and rummy players too. So, get charged up and go on a journey that is priceless and free.

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