Essential Norms for Playing Online Rummy

Coming to terms with norms governing online rummy could be more important than you think! For instance, if you are playing at an online rummy platform that operates from India, a player would have to be a legal Indian citizen to be able to redeem the amount he may have won while playing! And this might just be one of the many clauses essential for you to be aware of while indulging in a game of rummy, online.

Online gaming is always governed with the aid of a few fixed norms which are required to be followed in order to play online rummy safely and without a hassle. It would therefore be advisable to read through the complete set of rules  provided by your preferred online portal before placing bets. Some of the basic norms have been listed here for you to refer to.

Elementary Norms for Playing Online Rummy

  • A single User ID is Must: Whenever you register yourself on a rummy portal, it would be essential to provide a user ID as mark of identification. As a single player, you are entitled to have only one such user ID. Having multiple such IDs is strictly prohibited by all online gaming portals. In fact, the authorities also have the right to cancel your registration altogether, disallowing you to play on the portal in case multiple IDs are found registered on your name.
  • No Money Laundering Please: Any action that can even be remotely attributed to money laundering during a game of online rummy is completely disallowed. For example, you cannot attempt withdrawals of cash from reserves added through credit cards which might have been lying unutilized.  Moreover, winning and losing trends are also monitored. So, something like losing bets to some specific players would be monitored.
  • No Cartels: Forming cartels during online rummy may not be permissible. It could amount to cheating in some cases.
  • Usernames and Passwords should be Proper: Whenever you create passwords and usernames for creating your account, make sure they are proper ones. For instance, abusive terms or terms that may be considered as obscene should not be used to represent your identity when playing online rummy on your chosen platform.
  • Formal Intimations Required: For discontinuation of your association from a gaming platform, the same has to be formally intimated to concerned authorities through a mail. In case you have any winning amounts pending from them, it is likely to be processed in due course.


If you’re playing rummy on an online rummy app, make sure you’re well behaved and courteous with other players. Remember, if you win, you win, but if you lose, you still win because every game would be a lesson or experience for you. Every player who plays on the app comes with their own skillset and strategy – and it’s always good to learn from them.


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