Essentials To Make This Lohri Festival Special

Essentials To Make This Lohri Festival Special

Essentials To Make This Lohri Festival Special

In the vibrant state of Punjab, January marks harvest time. So, every 13th January Punjabis of all faiths come together to celebrate the abundance of crops. Going with our Indianness, our celebrations are colourful. It is weaved with rich folk lore, traditional songs, wide array of food, enjoyable activities, and exchange of gifts. Similarly, it is the case with the Lohri festival. You can indulge in winter-based food, kickstart the celebration with a massive bonfire, and play a rummy game for an entertaining day. Following are the key elements to have a special harvest festival.

Entertainment factor like no other

Some of the most common entertaining things to do to celebrate the festival is to attend a cultural programme, watch the latest movie, or fly kites. How about doing something that is different, exciting, and gratifying? On Lohri day, settle into your comfortable spot and play a rummy card game on your mobile. It ignites thrill like the fire that is lit on the day. Indian rummy is a combination of skill, swiftness, and uncertainty. These are the factors that make the game entertaining. If you win, you can walk home with a fabulous prize, making it a memorable Lohri festival.

If you are confident with your rummy skills, then enter the tournaments to win bigger prizes. In these tournaments, you are playing against experienced rummy fans. This gives you a rush of thrill and enjoyment, unlike any other activities. Rummy has been entertaining Indians for decades, especially on auspicious occasions. Lohri is no different, so get out your phone and start playing online rummy for an incredible time.

Fire It Up!

Every year a huge bonfire is created to commemorate Lohri festivals. The children start collecting wood – twigs and branches for the fire at least a week in advance. They arrange it in a circular manner. Also, bigger the bonfire, the better. As the sun sets, the pile of wood is lit to symbolise a new beginning. The women dressed in bright colours and adorned in jewellery dance around the fire. Men and women also bow to the fire in reverence. It is one of the most iconic elements for those celebrating Lohri. Also, the bonfire provides the heat on the cold Lohri night.

When you think of a rummy player, he or she is burning with the same passion for the card game. There is a lot of enthusiasm that springs from the online game. You are fired up to take on your opponents and play the exciting game of rummy.

Heart-warming Lohri food

When you have a traditional Lohri celebration in Punjab, you are treated to certain foods that make it to the table. You have roasted sesame seeds, jaggery, gajak, popcorn, peanuts, and sugarcane. In addition, you have chirwa, which is beaten rice and rewri – a sweet made with jaggery and sesame seeds. The authentic meals that is prepared on this day are sarson ka saag, makki ki roti, and rau di kheer. These delicacies will warm you up and energise a rummy player too. You are comfortable – inside, out and charged to enjoy the game of rummy on Lohri.

Sing your heart out

In January, Punjab is immersed in cold weather, but the spirits are up to celebrate Lohri. The air is filled with the traditional songs associated with the harvest festival. In a traditional set up, during the days leading to the festival, youngsters would go around singing folk songs. It would create a vibe that Lohri is around the corner. This festive mood continues on the Lohri day, when the men and women gather around the bonfire singing and dancing to the tunes of Lohri. Some of the most popular Lohri songs are “Dabba bharaya leera da, Ai ghar ameera da”, “Hukka bhai Hukkaa, Ai ghar bhukka”, Mukai da dana, Aana lei ke jana”, and other such songs. There is an air of excitement, which is translated to the rummy player. You will be jumping to the same beats when you play rummy during Lohri.

Exchange gifts on Lohri

Most of us love to receive gifts, but during Lohri exchanging gifts is important, especially for newborns and married couples. The ideal gifts for newborns would be silver feeding set, blankets, garments, and handmade embroidered photo frames. As for couples, jewellery, new clothes, and sweets is great. As for relatives and friends, you can present traditional delicacies such as gajak and rewri. These sweets are prepared with ingredients of the season, which makes it special.

Lohri festival has few essential elements that make it unique compared to other celebrations. Without it, the day feels inadequate. So, jump all in and enjoy the festival that is popular in Punjab.

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