5 Awesome Experiences That Rummy Is Similar To

5 Awesome Experiences That Rummy Is Similar To

5 Awesome Experiences That Rummy Is Similar To

Introduced in the country by the Mughals, Rummy was only played by the Royals at one time. With time, it reached the common people and soon became one of the most popular card games. So much so that today, online Rummy is all the rage with card game lovers. Fun fact: You can play online rummy for free as practice games when you start and later move to real-cash games!

What makes Rummy so popular is the fact that it is an exciting skill-based game that is easy to learn and play. The best part is that it requires nothing except a deck of cards and a few players. Can you think of some other awesome experiences that Rummy is like? The thrill, the excitement, the sense of reward – all of these can be found in some other activities too. Read on to know how Rummy is similar to these thrilling experiences.

Playing Cricket

Skill is a pre-requisite for many games and cricket is no exception. From a dropped catch or a good shot to a bad LBW decision –little things can really make or break a game. While on the field, players must use a combination of strategy and quick decision-making to score runs or get a wicket. Much like cricket, Rummy requires strategical skills and an acute focus on the opponent’s moves. Just like how cricket is a test of one’s presence of mind and focus, Rummy too calls upon a player’s presence of mind.

Watching An Action-Packed Movie

Ever find your heart racing while watching a fast-paced car chase scene in a movie? Do you root for the hero as he fends off an army of villains? Online Rummy combines the same sense of thrill and excitement in a card game as in your favourite action movie. As you play with people across the world, you experience a similar thrill and rush of adrenaline when making a move or when you’re so close to winning. Thus, the next time you’re bored after a day’s work and are looking for some action-packed entertainment, stop watching reruns of shows and log on to RummyCircle instead to get your heart racing.


Travelling is always exciting- from planning the trip to visiting new places. We choose a location and book our tickets and spend the days leading up to it in excitement. In a game of Rummy, too, you plan things out but still await the outcome in racing anticipation. That feeling of excitement and thrill is often the best in the world. The emotions you experience while playing Rummy are very similar to those you go through before and while travelling. Then there’s a common social element between the two. If you find meeting new people (often like-minded) an undeniable perk of travelling, you’ll find that online Rummy platforms give you similar opportunities in the virtual world.


The thrill off skydiving is very similar to that experienced while playing Rummy. You might wonder how, but the thumping chest and racing heartbeats at every step are similar to what you go through when you don’t know who is going to call first in a game. Players experience an adrenaline rush, and the more you work on it, the better you get at it. Skydiving, like Rummy, is often a competitive sport where people pit their skills against their peers. The next time you’re in the mood to do something adventurous and thrilling in the comfort of your own home, just do a simple Rummy game download and start playing.

Solving A Crossword Puzzle

Much like a crossword puzzle, Rummy helps in improving focus and offers mental stimulation. Both activities reduce stress and make for a great social activity as people sit together, bond and create memories. When the days get stressful, or you’re exhausted after work, both Rummy and crossword puzzles offer some much-needed rejuvenation, helping you relax as you flex your mental muscles. While playing, you distance yourself from the noise of the world and concentrate on the game, which releases stress. Moreover, when you solve a difficult puzzle or win a hand at Rummy, your pent-up exhaustion and stress are washed away by a feeling of accomplishment and victory. When looking to rack your brains and sharpen your mental skills, you know you can turn to Rummy at any time.

For a long time now, Rummy has been an essential part of the Indian culture, and its popularity has grown tremendously in the past few decades. This is supported by the Supreme Court’s ruling declaring it legal, which gave rise to online platforms like RummyCircle.

Online Rummy is similar to playing Rummy with physical cards but on a website or mobile application. Players no longer need to worry about gathering a deck and company. Playing Rummy is now as easy as the click of a mouse. If you love Rummy games, download the RummyCircle app and start playing!

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