Fun Summer Party Games You’ve Never Tried Before

Fun Summer Party Games You've Never Tried Before

Fun Summer Party Games You’ve Never Tried Before

Even as the summer heat waves give way to the refreshing monsoons, it is difficult to think of unwinding anywhere except in the comfort of your home. But what might seem like an apparent obstacle to some good cheer might not be such a bad thing after all. Indeed, the change in season serves as the perfect excuse to get friends and family under the same roof for spontaneous get-togethers. The soaring temperatures and humidity give you the perfect excuse to cut out the stress of searching for an ideal location to meet people outside the comforts of your home.

Plan Indoor Get-Togethers

If you think summers and monsoons are about escaping from the scorching sun just to wallow because of the humidity, think again. Whether it is lunching with friends in the backyard or spending quality family time by the pool, make sure you soak in the season’s goodness with refreshing drinks, delicious food, and great company. The keywords for summer parties are casual, easy and fun, so don’t let the weather rain on your parade!

Wondering how you can make your summer party one that your guests won’t forget? Take your hosting skills a notch higher with some incredibly fun party games. These outdoor and indoor ideas are sure to provide some light-hearted camaraderie, so read on to know how to make the best use of digital games like online rummy to innovate cool party competitions.

Games For The Outdoors

While the idea of running around in the open might seem counterproductive, simple games like twister, piñata, and obstacle courses are ideal ways to flex your muscles. The great thing about them is that whatever little is required can be fashioned out of everyday objects in a do-it-yourself style. For instance, you can simply spray paint on the grass to create your version of a simple twister mat. Tie a pot filled with candies to a tree branch for an impromptu piñata game. Even obstacle courses could require people to do very simple tasks, like hopping on one leg or dribbling a ball for 30 seconds.

Bring Out The Board And Card Games

Card and board games are fail-proof ideas to spruce up any party, especially with adults in the scene. What better way to enjoy your time off than by indulging in some good fun with a deck of cards? If you’re inviting colleagues or neighbours over, there’s no easier way to break the ice than with a friendly match with playing cards. Here are some exciting options:

Blackjack – The classic British game requires a minimum of four players. Each player gets seven cards. The remaining cards are stacked, and one has to lay a card on the top one, which must match either in suit or in rank. The others follow the sequence.

Knockout Whist – This is an old favourite! After seven cards are dealt out to each player, the next card is turned up to be the ‘trump’ suit. Once the first player places the card, all others have to follow the suit led. If not, other cards, including trump cards, can be played. The highest trump wins the trick.

Cards Against Humanity – Probably the most popular adult party game, it requires you to fill in the blanks, answer questions or create stories based on the given prompts. It is known to be an entertaining game that will bring out the inner ‘prankster’ side of your friends.

Seven Wonders – This board game can be set up in five minutes and finished in an hour, making it the ideal option for a quick round of games. You have to create civilisations and decide their fate, with the beautiful cards as an added feast to the eyes.

Design Competitions Based On Popular Online Games

Card games have always been popular, but there is a good reason why online gaming takes the cake. They are chosen for their overwhelming convenience. For instance, the legal take on Rummy as a game that involves memorising and strategising skills has allowed it to take on a brand-new avatar on the internet. Don’t have enough playing cards for a larger crowd? Go digital! If your friends all enjoy the same game online, this is the perfect opportunity to design a digital gaming war! Gather around a table and make a quick rummy download from the RummyCircle website to start playing. While your online opponents are selected at random, you can create your own live leaderboard by comparing each other’s scores to declare a winner!

Sites like RummyCircle can be your best friend this summer. With fast, personalised gameplay and a secure platform, you and your guests are sure to have a good time. Round-the-clock and multiple table games backed by constant customer support only require quick connectivity to the internet. So, make the most of the season with these fun games!

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