Gifts That A Gamer Would Love To Receive

Gifts That A Gamer Would Love To Receive

Gifts That A Gamer Would Love To Receive

Whether it is your best friend or your significant other, if he/she is an avid gamer, their idea of the perfect gift would be very different from others. Likes and dislikes of gamers tend to vary from other people. Even within players, different gamers have different preferences, so what’s the best way to choose the perfect gift?

Gamers who swear by board games or rummy games have different preferences compared to those who are hooked on to racing or action games. However, what is unique about them is that their idea of receiving gifts revolves around gaming. So, if you are searching for gifts for your gamer friend, you should browse through the online world of games to choose that perfect gift. The best gift for an avid gamer could be some gaming merchandise, controller or something else that intrigues the player or helps him/her enjoy their favourite games better.

Let’s take a look at some such options:

A Gaming Mouse  

A mouse that reacts late to the gamers’ manoeuvres is a major let-down while playing games. This is also true for rummy games. Gamers crave for mouses that mimic their manoeuvres and facilitate smooth gameplay.

They also need a thick rubber padded gaming mouse pad that does not slide across the computer table. This can restrict unnecessary movements of the mouse and therefore the cursor. In essence, gifting a gaming mouse will help your friend regain complete control over the game. Such mouses are usually larger and thicker than conventional ones and come will buttons that can be customised to serve multiple functions.

VR Headset

While playing games online, what prevents gamers from savouring the thrill of the game completely is the absence of real-life simulations like the expressions of other players and the gaming environment. They can gain a realistic experience by using a VR Headset. With a VR headset, your friend can have an immersive gaming experience. There are VR headsets that come with installed VR games.

Anti-Glare Glasses

Gamers tend to spend hours before the computer screen, and this can harm their eyes. A pair of high-quality anti-glare glasses that can block most of the eye-damaging high-intensity blue light, can be a very good gift for a gamer. A good pair of anti-glare glasses can block about 65% of the incident harmful light as well as much of the harmful UV light.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch can be a great gaming console for the more recluse gamers. It lets them connect with others when the opportunity arises. Moreover, it has built-in games like The Legend of Zelda, where you can extend an online invitation to your friend and play for hours. It is a great portable gaming system for avid gamers. Your friend can dock the device to a television and play the game in HD on a big screen. When out, the game can be played in handheld mode as well. If you are gifting a Nintendo Switch, you can add a carrying case to it so that the switch is protected from impacts when being carried around.

Desk Accessories

Rummy enthusiasts feel ecstatic when they are gifted with desk accessories that evoke the sentiments of rummy played in the yesteryears. Time management is a great skill in rummy. So, a recommended gift item can be a stopwatch or a sand timer.

A rummy-themed sand timer or a stopwatch can be an exciting gift for any rummy game lover. You can also gift a card shuffler. In fact, it is the most evocative gift for any rummy player.

Card Games

Most gaming enthusiasts get drawn towards card and board games too. Many board games like dominoes and chess are similar to card games like rummy when it comes to strategy and focus. In fact, there are some rummy rules that find resonance with other popular board games. Well, rummy has now become popular digitally too – either play on wen or play on rummy app, it’s as fun as it is!

Cricket And Football Merchandise

For all cricket enthusiasts, merchandise like bats and cricket balls signed by their favourite player, or T-shirts of their team can be the perfect gift. You can also choose from options like bob-heads of their favourite players, keychains with a tag of their team, etc.

Rocker Gaming Chair

Professional gamers or those who stay put at their consoles for long parts of the day need chairs that can help play games comfortably. A rocker gaming chair can be a good option for them, even if they are playing rummy games. There are chairs, which come integrated with a sturdy back and spinal support system, powerful speakers and more. They can help gamers become more agile and play immersive games.

So, now what you have a fair idea on what you can gift your gamer friend, what is going to be your gift of choice?

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