Golden Rules to Play Rummy Card Game – Explained!

Golden Rules to Play Rummy Card Game – Explained!

As soon as online Rummy hit the internet, popularity and craze for the game has grown manifold. Indian Rummy has taken the entire nation by storm and has now become mainstream. While a lot of players are already familiar with how the game functions and what it takes to become a pro at it – a lot of them often find it overwhelming to let the concepts of Rummy sink in. Well, if you’ve been playing the game since the very outset, you’d know it’s as easy as breeze but yet complicated. Did we just confuse you even more?

Don’t worry, it’s a game of skill and it just takes confidence and right knowledge of rummy rules to ace it. If you’re someone who is looking at making inroads in Rummy, there is a set of golden rules you need to follow. While it’s definitely not a rulebook to make you win the game, it’ll definitely help you become a better player and understand the game even better.

Here are a few rules that every player needs to know by heart –

  • Discarding high value cards: Holding high worth cards will always be a burden for you- mark our words. The high worth cards specifically A, K, J and Q are of 10 points and therefore, when a player announces, such cards will make you lose with more points. Do not hold them UNTIL you are sure about declaring with the cards available.

  • ALWAYS form pure sequences at the outset:  No declaration and no wins until a pure sequence is formed. A pure sequence is the formation of continuous cards of a similar suit without a joker. This is the essential rule of online Rummy. In this way, when you are dealing with the cards, have your focus on making pure sequences.
  • Drop Option: While this option is not available in a 2 player deals game – in more than 2 players game, a player can drop at any time of the game.
  • Rearrange your cards AS MUCH as you can – Yes, it’ll help you play the game with a better strategy. There are times when you would have a winning hand in the game, but you just won’t notice because of keeping the same grouping of cards throughout the game.
  • And of course, notice your opponents: You should distinctly notice the moves of your opponents and plan your own moves as needs be. In a Rummy game, it isn’t sufficient to just focus on your game. It becomes important to ensure your rivals don’t declare the game before you. Along these lines, it is critical to keep a close eye on their moves and comprehend the kinds of sequences you need to make. This noticing force will assist you with realizing which card to be picked and which to discard.
  • Use Jokers:  A joker card is the secret weapon that frequently remains between your triumph and loss. The logical use of joker cards will always give you an edge over your opponents. A joker card is a wild card which can be used to replace any random card you might have. However, you can’t form a pure sequence with a joker card, but you can use it to form sets or sequences with high value cards.

This was just a refresher; you’ll keep learning as you play practice games more often! From real cash games to interesting tips and tricks, we hope to see the best ‘sequence’ win! If you’re still confused about the game, make sure you register yourself and start playing right away!

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