How To Get The Welcome Bonus?

How To Get The Welcome Bonus?

How To Get The Welcome Bonus?

The best part of registering yourself in RummyCircle (India’s leading online Rummy site) is that you get to receive a bonus on joining. This is what is called “welcome bonus”. As the name indicates, it can be termed as a bonus for new players to encourage them on joining as a grand welcome offer.  Let us now read everything about this welcome bonus in detail.

Pre-requisite to get the bonus:

The first step is to create an account and register your name as a user in the RummyCircle through RummyCircle app or website. Only then you will be able to add cash.

How to add cash?

Once you login to your RummyCircle account, you can find an option called “Add Cash Now” on the top right side of the page. You can click the option add now after entering an amount. Then you need to pick up any one of the payment methods like Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, PayTm, PayUMoney, Mobkwik, etc. You need to enter the details and click pay now.

How much is the bonus amount?

The maximum amount that you get as a joining bonus is Rs.2,000/- on adding cash.

Eligibility to get the bonus:

To become eligible to get this bonus, you should have made the first deposit through online mode.

Offer’s validity:

The validity of the offer stands discontinued if the details of it are removed from the website.

How to claim bonus?

When a user adds cash, he is set to receive 100% bonus amount back up to a maximum of Rs.2000/. Say for example, even if a player adds a cash amount of Rs.3000/-, the maximum bonus that he is eligible for is still Rs.2,000/- only and if the cash so added is Rs.2000/-, he will get the total amount of Rs.2,000/- itself.

Period of claim:

The user is entitled to receive the bonus so claimed within thirty days of adding cash before the validity of the offer ends.

How the disbursement happens?

The disbursement of Rs.2000/- as bonus does not happen at one stretch. It takes eighty equal chunks for the disbursement of this amount. Let us see how it happens.

As you are aware that you get to receive Rs.2000/- as bonus on adding a cash amount of Rs.2000/- or more. But this amount will be credited to your account in totally eighty chunks. When you have played for the aggregate amount of Rs.250/-, you will be getting Rs.25 as your first chunk. Likewise, when you play for another Rs.250/- you will be getting your next chunk of Rs.25. In this fashion, you will keep on receiving your bonus chunks to your account, until the total of Rs.2,000/- gets added to your account. i.e. playing it for totally 80 times with Rs.250/- as the aggregate amount. Once the claim period is over, you will not be eligible for any additional chunks.

What happens when a player has multiple accounts?

A player is eligible for a joining bonus only in one of his accounts. If he is found to be having multiple accounts, RummyCircle reserves the right to cancel the entire bonus amount on all accounts.


The terms have to be strictly adhered to by all the users. Any user found violating the terms and conditions at any stage will end up being disqualified not only from receiving the bonus but also will be subject to action as deemed necessary by the website.

Isn’t that a wonderful offer for the newcomers who aspire to join RummyCircle and relish their dream of playing with experts all over India? A welcome bonus, in short, is like a good beginning that tends to provide endless opportunities for the Rummy aspirants in the longer run.

We don’t see a reason why you can’t start playing rummy for online real money from today – Good Luck!

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