Rummy Enthusiast : Ideal Way To Start Playing Online Rummy

Ideal Way To Start Playing Online Rummy

Ideal Way To Start Playing Online Rummy

It is settled – rummy is a game of skill that is legal to play online. We are aware of how to choose a genuine rummy platform too. Now, let us understand the right way to start playing online rummy. If you are new to this world of online rummy, then saddle up to enter a world of thrill and fun like never before. Don’t miss out on the best card gaming experience.

The beauty of online games is that you can play it from your mobile or desktop. So, is the case with this online rummy platform. If you are travelling, then you can play it on the phone. The desktop version of the game is prefect for those who prefer to play it on their computer or laptop. Simply, go to the website and follow the steps from point 2, below.

Why you should download rummy

It is common to have a couple of online games on a smartphone. However, some games are heavy, makes your phone slow, and there are frequent updates. It is a disappointing experience for a player. However, the RummyCircle app is a light size game that is safe and secure to download. Unlike other online games, which has bundles to download, this app is a one-time download. Once it is installed, tap the RummyCircle app and we move to registration. You also have the option to play it on the website, but you have to follow the next step.

An important step – registration

To play online rummy, fill in the necessary information on the registration form diligently. The information should be accurate and match the details on the documents for verification. This is important, especially when you play cash games and win real cash rewards.

Tip: If there is one player, there can be one account, and one bank account.

Once it is done, you enter into the game’s lobby.

What you will find on a rummy appCash & practice games & tournaments

When you enter the game, you are introduced to three ways to play online rummy:

Practice: If you are new to the game, then the best way to begin is to hone your skills. So, enter the practice games. You can play rummy for free for an unlimited number of times. This is a great way to make mistakes and learn from them. Once you learn the ropes of the game and sharpen your rummy skills, you can move to cash games.

Cash: It is a space to take on experienced players and test the skills you have learnt. Move to cash games and make a minimum amount deposit of Rs. 25. To start off, enter games that have a small entry fee. The rewards you win for any cash game will be added to this account, which can be withdrawn at any time.

Tournaments: After you have gained confidence at playing cash games move on to tournaments. The prize pool is bigger and based on the level of your skills you can join clubs. On this platform, there are a number of daily tournaments such as Mid-day blockbuster, Sunday Millionaire, 100 Xpressway, Jackpot, etc. There are also mega tournaments such as World Rummy Tournament, Grand Rummy Tournament, Diwali Rummy Tournament, and few others. These are held once a year and the prize pool can run into lakhs and crores.

Which variant should you pick?

You are then introduced to variants. On RummyCircle, there are four rummy variations:

Points rummy: If you love to multi-task, then points Rummy is for you. It is the shortest form of online Rummy that lasts only for a single deal. You can finish a board and quickly go for the next one and carry on till you are done with it. Points rummy is a fast-paced game that unleashes thrill with every heartbeat.

Pool rummy: If you have a lot of time and want to have an exciting experience, then Pool Rummy is just for you. This Rummy just does not complete quickly. Before knowing why, it is lengthy, it is important to understand the game. There are two sub versions in this form of Rummy biz. 101 pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. If the players’ points touch beyond 101 or 201, they stand eliminated. So, the game goes on and on until each player is eliminated, and the winner gets zero points. People who cannot take much pressure and instead can play a long game steadily even with extra time for making moves, then they can play this form of rummy.

Deals rummy: A Deals Rummy, unlike Points Rummy, is played for a fixed number of deals. So, it is relatively a lengthier form of Rummy. Each deal is crucial for you to win. Altogether it is a sort of cat and mouse game capable of providing a spine-chilling entertainment. If you are adventurous and love thrills, then Deals Rummy is the right choice for you. Although the risk factor is more, the excitement binds you to play this Rummy variant. You can succeed only in those games where your interest lies in. So, if you feel you can do better in such situations, then why not give a try playing it.

When to choose 2,4, or 6 players

In Indian rummy, the table can seat two, four, or six players and the level of thrill varies on it. If you are starting out, then begin with two players at the table. It is a great way to understand the mindset of various players and practice the various tips and tricks of the game. Once you have your basics in place, raise the stakes to four players. The intensity of the game changes and you can feel the suspense build up rapidly towards declaration. When your nerves are wiped away and you are a confident player, then move to a six-player game. Play with like-minded people and enjoy a bigger prize pool.

Don’t forget to brush up on your rummy rules.

Now that you understand how to play rummy, you can easily download the game and register for free.

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