Ways To Make Makar Sankranti Celebrations, Special

Ways To Make Makar Sankranti Celebrations, Special

Ways To Make Makar Sankranti Celebrations, Special

One festival with many names – Makar Sankranti is celebrated across Indian states. It goes by different names such as Maghi in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab; Uttarayan in Gujarat, Poush Sangkranti in West Bengal, and Khichdi in Uttar Pradesh and western Bihar. It is a beautiful festival that celebrates the end of the winter season – the culmination of cold and gloomy days. It is filled with hope for brighter and warmer days. Even though Makar Sankranti has many names it is celebrated with great festivity in India. One of the things that is done pan-India is flying kites. The blue sky is dotted with light and vibrant diamond-shaped paper with colourful tails. It is a sight to witness, but there are a lot more activities one can do on this day.

Colour of the day

On this significant day, men, women, and children wear black clothes. Even the sky is brightly coloured, down on earth black is the colour of the day. Did you know that black coloured clothing helps to retain heat in the body when it is cold outside? That is the reason for slipping into black on Makar Sankranti. In some places, children wear black clothes and adorn themselves with sugary delights. The tradition goes that a container full of a variety of sweets such as murmura, bora sweets, til-gud laddoo is poured on the children’s heads. Then there is a scuttle to pick as many sweet treats as possible. It is an absolutely fun activity for the young and innocent.

Win at a traditional card game

As you soak in the festivity, there are dull moments in the day, where you are either waiting for food or the next activity. Instead of going into a lull phase, stay upbeat and play rummy online. It is super exciting when you tap into a game that has entertained people for centuries. With the online version of the game, you are introduced to a bigger world of rummy. There is the option to play three variants such as points rummy, pool rummy and deals rummy. Each has its own level of fun and enjoyment. What really heightens this rummy playing experience is the special tournament for Makar Sankranti. This is the best time to convert your minimal entry fee into lakhs and revel in the rewards.

So, watch out for the special tournament this Makar Sankranti on RummyCircle. It is a leading rummy platform in India that offers the biggest prizes. If you want to win, learn how to play rummy. Once you watch the tutorials and understand the rules, you can enter free practice games to improve your skills. When you have your skills and tips in place, give the special tournament a shot.

Make it and fly it

Instead of buying a kite, how about making it at home? It is a fun activity you can do with children. It is more personal and enjoyable, when the children see the kite shaping in front of them. You do have really cheap kites, but they are like one-use plastic – use and throw. When children actually put in an effort to make a kite, they ensure it is handled with gentle tugs. At the end of the day, the kite is retired on the wall of the bedroom. Making a kite at home from scratch and flying it on the terrace true fills you with the spirit of Makar Sankranti.

Feast with a sweet tooth

Most celebrations in India are incomplete without an array of food that is delicious and beautifully flavoured – spicy, sweet, or chatpata. However, on Makar Sankranti the food taper towards sweet and simple dishes. For instance, in Maharashtra, the fresh farm produce is used to prepare jowar bhakri that is eaten with til-gud (a sesame-jaggery sweet) along with smoked brinjal and mixed vegetables. Similarly, til-gud features in the celebrations in various states that include Gujarat, Haryana, Goa, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Delhi. It makes sense – on a cold winter’s day you want to increase your body’s heat and sesame and jaggery does the trick. So, eat up!

Makar Sankranti fairs

If you want to experience this festival on a different level, then head to where the action takes place. In Gujarat you have a massive Patang festival, where kites of all shapes, sizes, and colour adorn the sky. For something more traditional and spiritual, go to Odisha. At the Konark Temple, a 13th-century Sun Temple near Puri, attracts devotees in large numbers and join in the festivities. Similarly, the other grand celebrations can be witnessed at Hatakeshwar at Atri in Khordha, Jagannath in Puri, Dhabaleswar at Cuttack, and Makara Muni Temple in Balasore.

Makar Sankranti ushers in hope for warmer and brighter days. Till then enjoy the goodness and sweetness of the celebration on one of the most colourful days of the year.

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