The Biggest Rummy Tournaments That You Must Join

The Biggest Rummy Tournaments That You Must Join

The Biggest Rummy Tournaments That You Must Join

If you are a Rummy enthusiast having intense knowledge about the game, then you cannot afford to skip certain big tournaments happening in RummyCircle. In fact, real test for a Rummy player lies in playing tournaments where you can enjoy the thrill of the game in its entirety. Real cash games are always there and so are the practice games but as far as serving the users by making available variety of tournaments, RummyCircle stands pole apart from the rest of the stakeholders who facilitate playing Rummy online. Let us review some of the tournaments which you cannot miss playing on RummyCircle.

Thursday Royalties:

As the name indicates, this event is available to be played every Thursday, carrying no entry fee at all. This event comes up with two different tournaments, viz. Elite Extravaganza and Regal Novelties. To be eligible to play this tournament, the interested player must have made a cash deposit at least once and should have also played a cash game once. Both the sub tourneys of Thursday Royalties start at 8 pm and the registrations are opened between 6.30 pm and 7.55 pm. The elite extravaganza game is played for a prize pool of Rs.3 lakhs available for the esteemed Platinum elite club members and the Platinum and Diamond Club members are eligible to play Regal Novelties whose prize pool is Rs. 2 Lakhs. A huge prize money for a single day tournament, isn’t it?

Reward Point Tournaments:

This tournament is available to be played on all Tuesdays where you can redeem your reward points and win really big. You can make an entry into this tournament with just 2000.RPs. Popularly known as Tuesday Rewards tournament, the registration for the same happens between 5.55 pm and 7.55 pm. The tournament kicks off immediately in five minutes’ time post registration. Yet another tournament that does not disappoint you if you are a Rummy exponent.

7 Daily Jackpots:

Seven different jackpots every day, every hour is the hallmark of this mega tournament aptly named so. Out of the four jackpots, i.e. Sunrise Jackpot, Power Jackpot, Premium Jackpot and Loyalty Jackpot, the first two are played only once. Whereas the Premium jackpot is played twice, and the Loyalty jackpot is played thrice thus constituting seven jackpots in a day. You can find below the timing schedule of each Jackpot along with respective entry fees.


Jackpot Registration time Start Time Entry Fee
Sunrise 5.30 am to 6.55 am 7.00 am 10 RPs
Power 4.15 pm to 6.55 pm 7.00 pm Free
Premium 1 9.00 am to 10.55 am 11.00 am Re. 1
Premium 2 7.15 pm to 8.55 pm 9.00 pm Rs. 3
Loyalty 1 11.15 am to 12.55 pm 1.00 pm 5 RPs
Loyalty 2 1.15 pm to 3.55 pm 4.00 pm 10 RPs
Loyalty 3 9.15 pm to 10.55 pm 11.00 pm 1 RP

It’s jackpot all the way, isn’t it?

Weekender Winnings:

RummyCircle is bent upon making your weekends fantastic and at the same time meaningful. Gone are those days where you are indecisive on how to spend your weekends! The weekender winnings offer attractive bonanza which you can never afford to overlook. Offering prize money as much as Rs. 12 lakhs, the registration for this tournament happens between 9 am and 2.55 pm. The tourney starts sharp at 3 pm with zero entry fee. You can’t wait for weekends henceforth, can you?

Rummy Superstar:

Being a Rummy player who spends quality time on RummyCircle playing the game exhaustively, you are already a superstar in all aspects. In fact, there is a specific tournament in RummyCircle which officially makes you one, aptly named as “Rummy Superstar.” The prize pool is incredibly big and so it is the best opportunity for you to get crowned as a Superstar. The registration happens between 8 pm and 8.55 pm with the game starting sharply at 9 pm. The entry fee of Rs. 10000 is worth spending, considering that you end up becoming a Superstar.

Sunday Million:

The title of the tournament is enough to guess the size of the prize money involved. Your Sundays will never be the same again once you start playing this huge prize winner. The registration opens at 7 pm and continues till 7.55 pm. Just like other tournaments, the game starts in five minutes post registration timing. The entry fee of Rs.5000 is very nominal considering the prize money that it is going to yield. Win every Sunday and start the week delightfully from Monday. There is a reason we call it the best rummy app! With so many tournaments at your disposal, it is high time you make every day of yours exciting and amusing. After all you have multiple options to choose from if you are interested to play Rummy online Real money. Have a window every day to play the tournaments amidst your schedule and utilize them to win big.

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