Why Playing Online Rummy Is More Fun Than Watching A Video Series

Why Playing Online Rummy Is More Fun Than Watching A Video Series

Why Playing Online Rummy Is More Fun Than Watching A Video Series

The concept of a web or video series is still nascent in India. However, they are witnessing a steady increase in viewership across the country. Other than Hindi and English, OTT platforms are also producing original content in different regional languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada etc. Unlike shows on television, though, web series can be enjoyed uninterrupted and on the go. Nonetheless, there are certain disadvantages one cannot ignore this medium of entertainment.

Watching A Video Series

Dependent on high-speed internet

Undoubtedly, Internet penetration in the country is stronger than ever before. However, for a streaming video platform, you will need a 4G network. Although 4G is operational in most parts of the country, in practice, the connection is still weak in various regions. This means that streaming HD video might not always be possible everywhere. if you are out on vacation, especially in areas where high-speed internet is not available, you will not be able to enjoy your favorite shows at HD quality. This could prove to be a major dampener, especially if you have to watch a 30-minute episode over three hours!

• The other problem with online video series is the problem of plenty. With so much content to choose from, the user might find it difficult to decide on a particular show to watch or may just end up scrolling the list of shows that are available. Moreover, not all shows might be of interest to a single person. Even the popular ones might become a cumbersome watch after a few episodes. Often, viewers can be found shuffling between social media and these shows when they get boring.
This is where online games come to the rescue. They provide uninterrupted entertainment and more often than not, have users glued to their devices. One such popular example is online rummy. Card games like rummy have an innate attraction that holds the players’ attention for as long as the game continues. Part of this is because it requires the player to focus if they want to win the game. When it comes to online rummy, the attraction is manifold – you get to play online rummy for free (read practice games) and eventually climb to real-cash games.

Benefits Of Rummy

The evolution of online rummy as one of the most intriguing and popular online games in India has been steady. In fact, it is so popular now that RummyCircle has over 10 million registered users. It is definitely a testimony to the fact that playing online rummy is becoming almost as popular as streaming videos on OTT platforms.

In fact, there are so many benefits to playing games like rummy over streaming web series- here is a list of just some of the obvious ones:

Rummy does not require 3G or 4G connection

You can play rummy on your mobile even if you don’t have a 3G or 4G connection. In fact, a rummy download does not depend much on a fast internet connection. Since this is not a streaming service, it does not buffer. The game is always on. This means you can enjoy a game of rummy at any place and any time of the day. Even if you are out on vacation at a remote destination, you can treat yourself to a fun session of online rummy, something you might find difficult when trying to stream a show.

Rummy does not consume a large amount of data

Online rummy does not consume a huge amount of data on your mobile device. However, online video streaming services do, depending on the resolution you want. On the contrary, online rummy consumes much lesser data since it is not a video streaming service.

Unlimited fun

There is no doubt that card games have an innate charm, and those who play such games can attest to it. While you might watch a web series alone, rummy is a community game, which means that you get to interact with multiple people. The best part is that every game brings in new players- that’s a lot of friends you can make! Moreover, the thrill of competing and winning provides an adrenaline rush that is definitely more exciting than just watching a web series.

Tournaments and prizes

Winning games has always fascinated us. Platforms like RummyCircle regularly conduct rummy tournaments on different days of the week. You can also choose between beginner tournaments where you can play to gain experience or more competitive tournaments where you can play to win exciting rewards! Our advice? The web is brimming with a lot of options these days, try to stick to the best Rummy app like RummyCircle to save yourself from any fraudulent activity.

The next time you’re confused about what to do in your spare time- just go for rummy download and start playing instantly with other like-minded people!

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