5 Pain Points That Every Rummy Player Understands

Pain Points That Every Rummy Player Understands

Pain Points That Every Rummy Player Understands

Some things never change… With over 10 million players on our website, we have understood that some aspects of your favorite rummy continue to trouble you, poke you and sometimes perhaps even annoy you. If you think you are the only one facing these challenges, then here is something that you should definitely read.

The Slow Player

Rummy game demands a pace and sometimes the player in front of you is just about a way bit slow. You are already planning your next move and that next move is never coming. Yes, it is frustrating. But getting into a bad mood in the middle of the game, can disturb your game completely. Rather, put on your headphones and hear some light music. We understand your pain and that’s why we have the timer in place. If the player can’t make his move in the given time, he will be removed from the game after three times. In the meantime, enjoy the music.

The Joker Prayer

Every rummy player sitting on the table has one aspiration, to get Joker and wild card to complete the game. Yes, the gameplay becomes a little bit less tricky and you can focus on building stronger strategies around your gameplay. But what happens when the Joker doesn’t come easy. No, you don’t have to quit the game. Instead, focus on first closing your pure sequence and then working on the sets and impure sequence. With the right rummy strategy, you can win this game with jokers as well. But yes, we understand that it’s a pain point.

The Wrong Move

One single wrong move can kill your game. The situation when you are very close to making a declaration and one wrong move and you lose the game. You blame yourself and it frustrates you to the very core. Yes, it is a painful thing and the best way to avoid this situation is by focusing hard on your game. If you have made this blunder, then you may end up making an invalid declaration. The smart thing to do is maintain a steady pace and even if you are eager to win the game, double check before pressing the Declaration button.

Missed The Last Bus

Well, not literally… But how many times have you got that message that you are late for registration? Yes, even though you are keen on registering for that tournament, you often miss out the last date or check it at the very last moment and find that it is already filled. For big tournaments like the Diwali Rummy Tournament or some others, the best solution is to put calendar reminders in place. Also having the rummy app on your smartphone helps register even when you are running busy. This will help you keep the different tournaments organized and let you pick and register well in time.

Bad Strategy

This seems like the ultimate pain point for any player in love with rummy. Every rummy player when he starts playing starts building a strategy as well. However, if you don’t plan out your game well, then you can easily miss out on significantly important moves. The smart thing to do is look at your moves and also observe the cards your opponents are discarding. When you look at the complete picture you will understand the right move to make.

Even though it is pretty annoying when you are playing along with an incorrect or not so concrete strategy, you can correct it before you move on towards making your sets and impure sequence.


Pain points in the game happen, it is how you are working to fix them that makes the difference. Rummy is a game of fun and to keep on having fun, be alert, play regularly and enjoy every moment of the game.

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