The 5 Pick-Me-Up Activities You Need In Your Life

The 5 Pick-Me-Up Activities You Need In Your Life

The 5 Pick-Me-Up Activities You Need In Your Life

There are moments in the day when you feel like breaking free from the things that are tiring you out. Anger, sadness, and stress has you worn out. What you need is a good dose of energy that will turn that frown into a smile. You can call it mood boosters or pick me up – they are activities or things that will rejig your emotions. Your negative feelings are transformed into positive ones. Let us delve right in and find out the instant mood pleasers you should try.

Friendly banter: Everyone has that one person in their life who will turn around things in a jiffy with few kind words. It could be a close friend, sibling, or parent. When you are slipping and sliding to a dark place, call them up, and vent out your emotions. Talking about what is going on is a great way to lighten the load and get a fresh perspective on the problem.

You can also call a friend who is the most positive and upbeat person. The cheerful energy from your friend will flow to you. Before you know it, you are brimming from ear to ear. The best way to milk this option is to call the person, even if you are a millennial. Spoken words are impact-full than written words.

Gaming magic: When you are down in the dumps, one of the best mood boosters is to play online rummy. For centuries, Indian have played the card game under banyan trees or in the confines of their home. However, the online version of the game is a sheer source of entertainment that is laced with thrill and excitement too. When you play it on your mobile, you are introduced to a splendid world of rummy variations, real cash rewards, multi-table games, super-fast gameplay, and exciting tournaments. In this world, you can select any variation (pool rummy, points rummy, deals rummy) and enter tournaments that offer amazing real cash prizes. These prizes can range from thousands to lakhs to crores, depending on the tournament. Imagine winning at these tournaments. It will instantly put a smile on your face. So, the next time you feel like life is weighing you down, turn it on its head with an online game of Indian rummy.

Fake a smile: You are burned out and in a sour mood after a tiring day at work. Nonetheless, smile even if it is a fake smile. It does not reflect what you are feeling on the inside, but experts claim that when you grin in revs up cheer. Actually, when you smile, you spread cheer around you. You know how when one person yawns, everyone else starts yawning even if you are not sleepy. Yawning is contagious and so is smiling. Likewise, frowning and sadness is contagious too. It generates a negative vibe wherever you go. So, the next time you are feeling stressed, put on a fake smile. It will make you approachable too and you never know, you may make a friend. Project optimism and feel the mood transform instantly.

Change your thoughts: When you are feeling low, you are confused, anxiety seeps in, and you are restless. You are absorbed in those thoughts. You need to shake off these thoughts instantly so try meditating, breathing exercises, or take a walk outdoors. Each of these activities saps the mind from the negative thoughts. They provide a surge of happiness when your mind is distracted. For instance, when you meditate, you leave behind the anxieties and focus on the breathing. Hence, breathing exercises go a long way in tense situations. It clears your mind, brings down your pressure, and fills you with renewed energy. When it comes to walking, it functions on similar lines. To truly enjoy walking, step into mother nature. On the weekends, go a nature trail and feast your eyes on greenery and your ears to the sound of nature. You are also inhaling clean air that will brighten up and rejuvenate your mind.

Step up: Up the tempo to up the mood. Dance or exercise, whatever gets you up and moving. Choose either of these activities to stir the emotions, however, only the positive ones rise to the surface. When you get your heart rate up for good reasons, it increases your happiness quotient too. There is a sense of contentment after you exercise or dance. It is an incredible feeling that you need to experience.

These are some of the best and the quickest ways to revive your mood and shake off the negativity. Everyone in life needs a pick me up, find the one that suits you and share the happiness. What are you waiting for? Play rummy online for real money or free practice games.

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