Play Rummy While Waiting For The Baraat

Play Rummy While Waiting For The Baraat

Play Rummy While Waiting For The Baraat

A baraat is super fun – lots of naach, gaan, and masti. As the drums beat to the popular songs, the groom’s uncles and aunties dance carefree, regardless of their joint pains. The cousins dance their heart out like no one is looking. On the other side, the bride’s family patiently waits for the entourage to make their grand entrance. But why should the boy’s side have all the fun!

The actual star of the wedding is the blushing and beautiful bride who is cooped up in the hotel room or the marriage hall. She has taken all the possible selfies, updated her social media pages, and she is restless to dance to the beats of the drums. Well, it is her wedding too. However, there are major factors weighing her down. For instance, she dolled up in 6 kilograms bridal lehenga, topped with one kilogram of unbelievable makeup and over the top accessories. So, obviously she is bound to her seat like a princess to her throne with nothing to do. Well, there is something that will turn around this endless waiting period. It is online rummy! It has always been the answer to kill boredom and keep your energy levels up as the game is bursting with excitement.

You may ask, there are no takers to play a card game with the bride. True, all the relatives are busy commenting about each other and the cousins are busy being influencers on their platforms. While herfriends are still walking in clicking everything in their path. The only people around the bride are the photographer and videographer capturing her every emotion and angle – bad ones too. No worries, with the online version of rummy there are players waiting at the virtual table. You just have to get in there and show them who is the queen of the day.

While sitting pretty, dabble in the rummy variant of your choice. It will release your anticipation for the baraat. If you want to play a quick rummy round that is bursting with thrill, then opt for points rummy. The game is as fast as uncles chugging down hot beverages. If you want to enjoy a prolonged game of rummy while waiting for your handsome dhula, then choose the deals rummy. You will be highly entertained as the baraatis inch closer to the venue in all the pomp. You can also try pool and deals rummy; both are as different as the families coming together on the wedding day. Yet the dhamaal is experienced across variations and has no bounds.

The wedding day is one of the happiest times, especially when you win real cash prizes. Sure, getting married to the love of your life will make you happy, but imagine winning prizes that amount to lakhs. It takes happiness to the next level. It is an exhilaration you experience that no man can provide. It is a dhamaka reverberating through every cell; just what you need on your wedding day. Once you are bubbling with rewards, you can quickly withdraw it unlike the thought of un-inviting guests you have never seen before. So, enter daily tournaments that are accessible from anywhere in the country. If your makeup is garish and your hairstyle is heavy, you have one thing working for you – a fabulous rummy game where you are the winner. Your to-be husband may be riding a horse, but you are riding on a different high.

Are you wondering, what is this phenomenal game? Well, it is RummyCircle – it is a rummy app that is compatible with any mobile or tablet. It is absolutely free to download and register to play. This is the only free thing you will get on this day that will give you returns. When the baraatis are having fun, don’t let that stop you from having fun. Play this skill-based game that is churning fun, thrill, and joy within you. It will also give the cameramen something different to capture. It will showcase a different side of you that will be unmatchable with other bridal images. Don’t you love a candid picture where you look beautiful, slim, and radiant.

The groom’s side may be rejoicing to the beats of the drum and dancing on the streets with jubilation. Don’t let them have all the fun, after all girls too just want to have fun and certainly know how to do it right. With 10 kilos on you, you have nowhere to go, so make the best of your time with the online rummy.

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