There was a time when traditional rummy was the only known form of card games. As the gaming landscape evolved and technology started showing its magic – online rummy became mainstream in all its glory. That’s not even a debate anymore. The ability to play anytime and anywhere. Rewarding tournaments. Post-accomplishment excitement. Strategy. Mathematics. Tactics. Judgment. And what not.

Welcome to the brave new world of Online Rummy!

If you think it functions on the traditional gaming playbook, you’ve got it all wrong. While the game sounds splendidly disruptive backed by tech and modern visual interface, it comes with its own set of rules and guidelines to abide by. Once a player enters the world of RummyCircle, there’s no turning back; thanks to the entertainment it brings with skills and fun, in equal parts.

But wait, is it either perks or skills?

Absolutely not. RummyCircle conducts and supports two formats: practice and real-cash games. Considered the Fun Cash points, practice games let players use 10,000 points credited in their account at the time of joining. This is for the gaming enthusiasts to improve, learn, and practice before they jump in the bandwagon of cash games. Real-cash games, on the other hand, require an entry fee that could be different for the myriad tournaments that RummyCircle organizes.

The game, therefore, is both perks and skills. Once you have the required skills, perks shall follow!


If you’re new to the game and your mind is brimming with doubts and questions, fret not! It might seem overwhelming in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze! Let’s get you started then, shall we?

First things first: Not participating enough in practice games will always be a Nay from us! While once you hold the grip of game, playing rummy online will be a breeze, it takes a few matches to know where you actually stand.

Reminds us of Walter B Gibson’s quote
So simple is the basic game of Rummy that the best way to learn it is to just play it.”

Well, here are a few skill sets deserving to be your mantra –

  • Know the right vs. wrongRummy is a pure game of skill. It needs practice, sense of good judgment, and strategies. You can jump right into a tournament without having any prior experience in the game, our suggestion would be starting off with practice games followed by cash games and then tournaments – since stakes are high. Confidence is not an overnight medication – let basics of the game sink in!
  • Know your cards – Not how they look, what they mean. Arranging the cards is as important as playing the game itself. Either alternate colour groups or based on suits, this is one of the best habits to develop in the initial stages of playing online rummy. 
  • Discard, discard, discardThe high value cards, yes! While making a sequence is of utmost importance, keeping queens, kings, aces, or jacks could be dangerous. If the opponent declares in this case, you’d just left with a high score – make a note! 
  • Jokers are importantAnd therefore, need to be handled wisely. Be it completing an entire run or higher points, these cards would be able to free you anytime. Jokers are helpful if you have an existing pure sequence and you’re looking to create the second one.
  • Know who you’re playing withOnline rummy proves Sun Tzu’s quote, “Subdue the enemy without fighting” right! The cleverness score could be invisible, but it matters! Keeping a close eye on what they discard and pick only to alter your strategies accordingly will take you to places – Believe us! 
  • Quitting is not losingIf you know the right time to drop out, grab the opportunity and don’t wait for the game to change. If you’ve practiced enough, you’d know whenever a bad hand comes up, and you’d be wise enough to understand how those points can be leveraged in the next hand.

And of course, we didn’t want to rub it in – but yet again, PRACTICE as much as you can!


  • It’s a stress buster! A report published by Cigna TTK Health Insurance revealed that around 95% of millennials are stressed – which is more than the global average of around 86%. And guess what? 34% of them rely on online gaming as a form of entertainment and stress buster. Well, this is a good start to one of the greatest perks online rummy can get you.
  • It’s about bonuses – You’ll see a series of bonuses flowing when you register on RummyCircle – including Club, Supreme, and Friday bonuses! Depending on your club status, it’s very easy to redeem the bonus – use promo code, add cash, and simply play!
  • Participate in as many tournaments! –Once you become a pro at the game and start participating in the tournaments, you’d see new updates coming your way almost every day. Don’t worry – you can play the game on any device or simply download the app to access real-time updates and play at your convenience.
  • And here’s us disclosing a secret – Playing the game will help you take good decisions and will hone your judgment abilities. Since it requires strategy and an attentive mindset, it does a lot more benefit than you think it does. As you dig deeper into the game, there would be a hundred different reasons for you to love it – the game could be personal to every player in its own way.
  • Bring-a-Friend – For every cash tournament that your referred friend plays, you earn real cash! You earn your first bonus of INR 50 when your friend plays for INR 350, and later, you can get INR 50 in 9 chunks every time your referral plays for INR 333 or more! Now if this is not a lucrative program, we don’t know what is!


“Becoming a pro” can yield great insights into where the improvements, opportunities, and excitement lie – and the collaborative environment of playing online rummy will only help you sharpen it. Online rummy will continue to amaze you, one match at a time and you’d endure strategies more than ever in a constantly changing gaming landscape. But wait, where do I play?




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