Ways To Revive Your Patriotism On Republic Day

Ways To Revive Your Patriotism On Republic Day

Ways To Revive Your Patriotism On Republic Day

26th January is one of the most epic days for our nation. It is a day filled with national pride and celebration. Some may argue that in modern India the patriotic fire that burns have turned into a flame. Most people are guilty of sleeping in or go on a holiday on the national holiday. This year, it falls on a Sunday, which is a holiday for most Indians. So, this Republic Day let us rekindle the love we have for our country by tapping into some traditional and unconventional activities. It will renew how we look at the day the country’s Constitution came into effect.

Start the day on the right note

We are excited about spending the holiday at home. Spending time and making memories with the family or loved ones is on top of the list. Without compromising on family time, you can introduce a twist of patriotism on Republic Day. In true national enthusiasm, wake up at the crack of dawn to raise the national flag and sing the national anthem wholeheartedly. It is definitely a social media moment that you can proudly share with your followers.

Play a traditional game at home

Once you have started the Republic Day celebration, you have time to relax before you move to the next thing. So, why not play a traditional, skill-based card game – rummy. It is one of the most Indian card games that dates back centuries. The best way to have a true experience is to play online rummy.

You are introduced to a whole new world of variations, contests, and tournaments. Also, you can enter contests and win real cash rewards in your free time. If you want a quick boost of enjoyment, then rummy is the answer. There are numerous interesting contests and tournaments that really pump up your mood. Jump right into this space of fun. Do a rummy download and play it as an exciting time-filler on Republic Day.

Watch the parade

Every year New Delhi is spruced up to showcase India’s pride at the national parade. The important dignitaries are present, and a special guest is invited – mostly a prime minister or president of a country. The parade it telecast live on the national channel and it is a beautiful display of India’s heritage, rich culture, and our arm forces. You are bubbling with patriotism as each float, group, and fleet passes. If you want to understand the essence of India, watch the Republic Day parade.

Visit the Wagah Border

If you are planning to a trip on Republic Day, then a visit to the Wagah Border is a must. It oozes with patriotism, especially during the retreating ceremony of India and Pakistan. It is when the flags are lowered with great precision, which is a feat to see and the international gates are shut. It is a brilliant display of each nation’s strength. On the Indian Republic Day, sweets are generally exchanged, but it depends on the tension between the two countries. Many people attend it from both the countries, so book your tickets in advance.

Engage in social service

What is more patriotic that serving the country? We may not be in the armed forces, but we can still give back to the country through social service. Republic Day is a great time to pick a social cause that is close to your heart and get started on it. Plus, there are no shortage of activities one can take up in India. Select a cause that you will stick with and not fade away like the New Year resolution.

Organise cultural activities for children

The major age group in India have never lived through the initial years after Independence. Hence, it is important to instill the values of Republic Day in our children. The ideal way to gain their interest is to organise cultural events such as an ethnic dance, a fancy dress or drawing competition around the patriotic theme, and other activities. It arises the love of our country even more in the minds of children.

Prepare a special dish

Indian food is absolutely colourful and it is an important part of any celebration. So, it is easy to come up with ideas to cook up tri-coloured dishes. From curries to kebabs to rice, the options are many to ignite the colours of the flag on the plate. This is a fun way to remember Republic Day.

This crucial day in India’s history is unforgettable. Even though it is a holiday, there are various ways to ignite our patriotism. So, let’s find a way or ways to keep this love for our dear country, India growing.

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