5 Rituals That Will Power You Through The Work Week

5 Rituals That Will Power You Through The Work Week

5 Rituals That Will Power You Through The Work Week

It is not easy coming back to work on a Monday. There is a mountain of work waiting for you. There are meetings to attend. You literally drag yourself to work as it pays your bills. How about turning this mood around? There are certain things that will help you push through the week like a pro. You want to ace at everything you do, right? Then make these small changes to see a bigger, better change in your work life. Some of it includes playing online rummy, sleeping for eight hours, being active for 45 minutes in a day, and other such adjustments.

  • Play online games, wipe away worries:

What really gets you down are the worries of work. So, take a break from worrying with an entertaining card game that you are familiar with since childhood – rummy. There is something about the game that brings out happiness in you and thoroughly entertains you. Now you can play rummy on your smartphone and the India’s leading rummy platform is RummyCircle. You can get it on your Android or iOS devices by doing a rummy game download. This is just what you need to get your mind off work. The skill-based game relaxes your mind, but you are also pumped to win. After this break, your mind is refreshed to take on responsibilities and work wisely. Also, you are renewed with new ideas to approach your work smartly. Playing rummy helps to uplift your mood.

  • Get undisturbed sleep for better productivity:

Sleep rejuvenates our mind and body, but it should be undisturbed sleep that ranges from seven to eight hours a day. Lack of sleep diminishes our productivity and concentration. You land up making mistakes. You are basically powering on reserve energy that will crash and cause a burnout (exhaustion). You will be absolutely tired all the time and in turn it will affect your health too. So, nip the problem with good night’s sleep. You will experience the difference immediate. In office, you will be attentive, productive, and energetic to take on that mountain of work. The best way to stay motivated through the week is have a well-rested mind and body.

  • Talk it out and don’t hold back:

There are so many things running through your mind at work. Your memory is occupied with it and this affects your clarity of thought. In order to have a clear and alert mind, you need you unload these thoughts. So, talk to a friend or spouse or parent. When you talk about your anxieties there is an immediate release of your burden. For some reason you feel lighter and happier. Besides unleashing your emotions, you may come up with a solution for a problem. Talking about a difficult situation with a loved one can throw up new ideas to tackle it. So, don’t hold back your emotions.

  • Exercise body to feel better:

Working out the body is a way to release negativity and replace it with good vibes. It is recommended to exercise for approximately 45 minutes a day. But some may say it is impossible to workout during the week. There are not enough hours in a day to include a good workout. So, what you can do at work is choose to go on a walk in your lunch time. Get up and walk every 20 minutes too, to avoid stressing the legs and nerves.

When the weekend comes, engage in a physical activity. It can be walking, running, Zumba, and other such activities. This will put a smile on your face, and you are pumped to take on the coming week.

  • Healthy body equals healthy mind

When we are stressed, we crave for oily, chatpata, salty snacks. This is called stress eating. These food items slow down the body’s mechanism and makes us sluggish and slow. What you need to counter these cravings are healthier alternatives such as fruits, nuts, healthy salad, nutritious sandwich, unsweeten dahi, a bit of dark chocolate, and many other food options. These foods remove unwanted fat in their own way and gives you the energy you need to work. You feel more upbeat at work, when your body is healthy. So, instead of making a beeline for samosas, make an effort to carry one of the above snacks.

The best way to power through a work week is to be energised, positive, and have a clear mind. This will help you to be industrious, creative, and hard working. You will be able to knock off things from your list. These tips will make you an efficient employee, rising above the rest.

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