How Rummy Can Change The Way You Think

how can rummy change the way you think

Rummy is a card game that is predominantly known to add some fun and entertaining moments to your dull moments. Yes, there are various ways through which you can play this game, like tournaments, cash games, practice games and more. However, did you know that rummy can actually affect the way you think and analysis a situation? Not sure what I am talking about, take a look here.

It adds patience If you love to play Indian rummy and have participated in tournaments, then you definitely know that the tournaments can run into hours. The only way to play this game smartly is to be patient and stay focused. You not only need to wait it out for the card you want but also play the cards that you have well. The more rummy games you play, the more this patience becomes a way of life. So, if you think you can add some amount of patience to your life, then play some rummy card games regularly.

The analytical way of thinking

One of the things that we often skip in our everyday life is analyzing any given situation. To observe what you have and then decide on the next move is a skill that is developed over time. If you really want to work on your analytical thinking, then there is no better game than rummy. To play a great hand, one needs to take account of the situation and then calculate the possible outcome of it as well. With every move that you make, the logic you apply will change, so you are literally thinking on your feet.

Applying strategy

Rummy is a game of skill and you have to put your practical thinking cap to make the right moves at the right time. The moment you start playing the game, you have to put a strategy in place to win the hand. Also, with every card you pick or discard, this strategy keeps on changing. What any rummy player learns from this is the way to flex decisions as per the situation at hand and then deal with it in the most practical way possible.

Makes observation capabilities strong

You are watching your game closely and after a few hands you also get a fair idea how the game is going to move forward. However, all of this only happens when you observe your game closely. You not only need to make the right decision on which card to pick and discard, you also need to finish your game before your opponents. The only way to make this happen is through the strong observation skills. You can learn how to play rummy game, rules of rummy by online rummy tutorial at

Learning from the game and your opponent

This is one of the key elements that rummy teaches you. No two rummy games are similar and hence every time you play a game, you are improving on your skills and even learning from your opponents. In rummy you not only have to remember the cards dropped by you, but also by your opponent. It is all about calculating from your moves and also what hands your opponents are trying to form. Of course, when you play rummy with six players, this becomes a big challenge. So, with every game your mind is fine tuned to think in a unique way and come to a logical solution.

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