Rummy Moves That Are Apt For Handling Daily Crisis

Rummy Moves That Are Apt For Handling Daily Crisis

If everything in life were smooth sailing all the time, there would be a severe lack of interesting stories to share with others! There are so many obstacles that come our way daily. The alarm clock may not have rung, you missed your bus or train or flight, the cleaning lady is a no-show, there is a water shortage in your area, the internet isn’t working, and you’re in the middle of important work online, etc. It is these little bits of drama that keep cropping up to test your peace of mind. But you only feel like a winner when you’ve dealt with these situations completely unfazed.

Online rummy games are a fun way to develop essential life skills such as problem-solving, dealing with unexpected situations, observation skills, concentration and so on. Here are Rummy moves that can be used to manage the daily challenges of life.

1. Observe, analyse and compartmentalise
Just like in a game of rummy, life may not always deal you a good hand. You can neither afford to get complacent with a good hand, or demotivated if the set of cards isn’t great. The key is to remember that not every unfavourable circumstance has to turn into a crisis. The first step is to observe and analyse the situation at hand. The next step is putting all aspects of it in order, so you don’t miss out on a critical piece of information in the clutter. Only then can you ask the real questions – What do I have? What are my options? How can you make the best of this situation?

2. Offload potential liabilities
Another tactic is to eliminate any action plans that can cause more harm than good in a given circumstance. You must know by now, that one of the first moves in a rummy game is to ditch higher value cards that aren’t creating a sequence. Similarly, in times of crisis, make sure that you set the scene for the next steps and remove potential obstacles at the beginning itself. For instance, if your team at work has been presented with a challenge, the first step would be reducing the number of heads working on problem-solving, keeping only those who will be instrumental and efficient.

3. Prioritise tradeoffs
The priority in a game of rummy is to create one pure sequence. You do not get distracted by the joker or the triplet in your hand. Think of the other sequences as satellites – important, but only as a support. Suppose your house help has fallen sick and won’t be able to come for a few days, and it happens to be a particularly busy week at work for you. You’re probably going to choose chores that are essential and less time consuming, like doing the dishes and laundry. Based on the amount of time you have, you may decide to order food to be home delivered to reduce the number of dishes to clean, and only wash the clothes that you will need for the coming days.

4. Maximum use of limited resources
If there is one thing you can learn from this strategic card game is understanding your cards, utilising them best to win, and reducing the points that losing might cost you. One strategy adopted by most winners is utilising the low-value cards and using middle cards like 5 and 6 more! It is simple. Using middle cards gives you more opportunities to create sequences on both sides, compared to high-value cards like Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces, which limit the number of sequences possible. Suppose you had your heart set on a vacation for months, but due to recent events, the budget for the trip has reduced drastically. You can probably choose more budget-friendly travel options, like living in hostels and homestays, eating at modest restaurants and opting for cheaper modes of transport. When you’re a rummy player, quitting just isn’t an option!

5. Awareness of everything
When you play online rummy, you cannot see your opponents. The only information you have access to is your cards, the jokers and the cards picked up by the other players. This gives you an idea of the kind of hand they have, and what their possible sequences can be. Experienced players gauge all this, and still complete their sequences before anyone else. It requires them to be aware, alert and active. Coming to daily life, assuming there is a sensitive topic which needs to be discussed with a co-worker or family member, and you anticipate that it might turn into a confrontation. In this instance, if you choose the right words, a non-accusatory tone, a non-judgemental stance, and a supportive and friendly demeanour, the conversation is sure to flow smoothly. And the outcome, needless to say, will be favourable.

So opt for a rummy download today. RummyCircle is a rummy app which guarantees you the best rummy experience, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a professional at the game. Playing on the app will not only help you learn and improve your rummy skills, but it will also teach you great moves. At the end of the day, it is your attitude that decides your fate. What makes you a winner, even in life, is YOU.

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