Rummy Pranks for April Fools’

Rummy Pranks for April Fools

Rummy Pranks for April Fools

April Fools’ is one of those days when you can play a prank on just about anyone and still get away with it! But have you ever played a prank on someone right before a game which requires you to have a calm mind? Imagine being able to distort someone’s thought process right before a game of skill such as rummy. Not only would this be extremely fun to do but it might work to your advantage. Let’s take a look at some of the fun pranks you can try out with both online rummy players as well as offline!

The Airhorn Prank

You take your seat on your chair to play online rummy. Little do you know that April Fools’ Day shenanigans are at work! The gullible person in you forgets that it’s April 1 and you sit to play rummy in your favourite chair. An airhorn goes off underneath your chair. It would be an understatement to say that you are startled. Warning: Do it at your own risk.
The air horn makes a terribly loud noise. And, remember that if you do this to someone, that person will surely get back at you.

The Mouse Prank

It is a harmless prank. Put a sticky masking note on the backside of the mouse with “April’s Fool” written across it and watch the person at the receiving end. When your colleague or friend comes to work, he will not be able to use the mouse. He won’t be able to play rummy and think why the mouse isn’t working. Have a hearty laugh with your friend later on.

Driverless Car Prank

Thinking of pulling off a prank on your friend on April Fool Day? Running short of ideas? Or are you the one with black humour? Is your friend a rummy addict and loves to play online rummy while getting back home from work? Why not dress up as your friend’s car seat and wait for him in the parking lot. Arrange for the costume beforehand as it can get tricky. Your friend will definitely freak out at the sight of his driverless car moving.

Transform Your Friend’s Keyboard Into A Lawn

Are you fascinated by cress? The grass is easy to plant and can grow anywhere. This green prank is just right for those with a knack for gardening! Place a keyboard garden on your friend’s desk, instead of their own keyboard. For this, you will need some soil and cress. Your friend will be shocked to see grass popping out of the keyboard. He will be at his wits end on how to play online rummy with all the mess.

Key Mapping Prank

If you want to have some fun at the expense of your friend, you can paste a sticker on his keyboard replacing all or some of the alphabets and other commands, and he will definitely go crazy!

Irritate Your Colleague

Thinking of getting back at your colleague who borrows your office chair and messes up the way you had it set up? It can be truly frustrating. Go over to your colleague’s desk every time they disappear and lower their chair! They will waste time setting up their chair and lose out on a rummy tournament. Warning: It is going to drive them mad.

There’s An Insect In Your Lamp

This is best done at family gatherings or at parties, and this prank is extremely easy and also gets a lot of funny reactions. All you have to do is cut out little insects from black paper and stick them inside your lamp shade. When you guys are ready to sit down for a game of Rummy, just switch on this lamp and watch people go crazy running around!

My Coke Exploded!

There is always one friend in every group who is extremely fond of coke. So right before you all sit for a game of rummy play this one! Stick a Mentos into the lid of your friend’s coke and give the whole bottle to them. When they open it, the gas inside will start to rise and lead to an explosion which will completely petrify them for a few moments.

Cigarette Butt Coffee Mug Prank

Imagine you are sipping your favourite coffee from your coffee mug and playing online rummy. When you are about to finish your coffee, you notice cigarette butts at the bottom. You are disgusted. The ceramic prank cigarette butt coffee mug is food safe. So, there is nothing to worry.

Indulge In A Game Of Online Rummy

While this has nothing to do with April Fools’ Day prank, it is, however, a great way to enjoy the day if you don’t have anyone to prank. You can register for online rummy tournaments and win great cash prizes too while you play. To get started, go to the apps section, search for RummyCircle and do the rummy game download. RummyCircle will not only give you tips on how to play but also give you the best online rummy experience.

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