It’s your chance to shine… be a RUMMY STAR

How do you feel when someone says to you “You are a rock star”? Irrespective of the place [i.e. workplace, outside, home etc.] or the person who has called you a Rock Star, doesn’t it give a sense of pride & satisfaction!!! You have been playing Rummy on RummyCircle & we are sure that along with money and enjoyment, you would have received loads of satisfaction.

rummy star

We at RummyCircle want that the players not only play rummy online, but also get peer-player recognition. We want skilled & talented players from our platform to bring more talented audience to RummyCircle – Sab Khelo… Sab Jeeto 🙂

These rock stars are the real hero’s on Rummy Circle & they would be crowned with the coveted title of Rummy Star. There are loads of benefits of being a ‘Rummy Star’, some of which are listed below:

  • Today’s time is all being more social, especially online. Rummy Stars is all about those skilled players who know how to use the power of social media; So build your personal profile & start making money by inviting family and friends to join the Rummy bandwagon.
  • Rummy Stars would be given an exclusive platform to express themselves on how the game of Rummy has helped enhance their overall skills.
  • Once you become a RummyStar, you get the privilege of getting Personalized Profile Page on RummyCircle & share this profile on Social media channels. That’s not all… you will get a referral bonus for all your social media friends who join RummyCircle.
  • You get Rs. 1000 per paying referral that you bring to RummyCircle. This money will be credited to you in parts as per the following list.
  • Everything in life has a limit, but there is no limit to the money you can make through our Rummy Stars program. We want you to enjoy Rummy & make loads of money!!
  • As a Rummy Star, you get detailed analytics dashboard that provides details of number of people joining RummyCircle through your referral [including break-up of people joining through your Rummy Star profile from various Social Networks].

In order to create maximum impact, we recommend:

  • Rummy Stars to be pro-active on social media channels and share their Rummy Star profiles. The mantra is “Share More … Earn More”.
  • Have a high resolution profile picture. In order to make it easier for Rummy Stars; RummyCircle is offering a professional photo shoot free of cost for a limited time. For making this happen, we have partnered with professional photographers and photo studios. Remember, First impression is the last impression 🙂

You get your full referral bonus even after your Rummy Stars profile is inactive hence, do not worry… your money is in safe hands!!

We have listed down the benefits of being a Rummy Star, now we let our existing rummy stars testimonials for us, as they are our true evangelists.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up, time is now… Be a Rummy Star!!

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