Rummy Strategies That Work Like Magic For The Beginners

Rummy Strategies That Work Like Magic For The Beginners

Rummy Strategies That Work Like Magic For The Beginners

The game of online Rummy is quite an unpredictable one. A good or bad hand does not necessarily ensure a win or loss respectively. The outcome of the game is, after all, dependent on effective strategies. That is why the online Rummy is revered as a game of pure skill. If you can use your skills efficiently, you can force a victory out of nowhere, outthinking your opponents. Let us now see some of the Rummy strategies that can weave magic for the beginners.

Arrange your cards properly:

As soon as you receive your quota of 13 cards, you need to arrange them properly. Only when the cards are arranged properly you shall be able to form sequences and sets to fulfill the objectives of Rummy. After all, the primary objective of the Rummy game is form at least two sequences, one of which has to be a pure one and to form valid sets and sequences with the remaining cards. If you do not arrange your cards properly, there is a strong case of you missing out an opportunity to form pure sequences. Also, there is an equal possibility of you going for a wrong declaration. So, ensure that the cards are arranged properly once the cards are disbursed to you.

Form Pure sequence first:

No declaration is called valid if a pure sequence is not formed. Pure sequence is nothing but a formation of 3 or more consecutive cards of a same suit without joker/wild cards. So, your first preference should be to form a pure sequence. Having pure sequence ensures you a graceful defeat, even if your opponent declares first.

Drop high value cards:

When you find yourself loaded with high value cards, you need to discard them quickly, especially when you have a bad hand. If you keep high value cards with you for long, you will be burdened with more points that will turn a liability when one of your opponents declares.

Always have an eye on your opponents’ moves:

In a Rummy game, it is not enough if you have an unflinching focus on your own cards. In fact, it is equally or perhaps even more important to have your eyes on the cards of your opponents. Of course, you are not permitted to look into their cards but what you have to do instead is to have an eye on their moves always. That will tell you the type of sequence that is on their mind. You can adjust your moves based on that. If you do not concentrate on your opponents’ game, you will inadvertently end up feeding them with the cards of their liking which will help the finish the game quickly.

Have flexible options in forming sequences:

Do not set your mind like a keyed Robot and keep waiting for a particular set of cards in forming the sequences. You should always have plan B and plan C or if not more if your plan A does not work out. Only when you have multiple options with you, you will be presented with various opportunities in completing your task. Also, when you keep adjusting your game, it will confuse the minds of your opponents who will not get an idea of what sort of sequences/sets you are going to form. If you persist with a single plan, your opponents will declare before the card that you want comes to you.

The aforesaid strategies are very important for any beginner who joins RummyCircle to play real cash Rummy. They may just be the basic ones, but they are highly effective. If you are a beginner, you need to meticulously follow them to have a successful stint in Rummy. Once you are experienced, you will be able to devise your own strategies, but the above mentioned ones can never be compromised even then. Play on the best desktop version, touted the best Rummy app, or on your tablet – Happy Playing!

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