10 Signs That Show Rummy Is The Game For You

10 Signs That Show Rummy Is The Game For You

10 Signs That Show Rummy Is The Game For You.

Why not try a card game that improves your mind skills and heightens your happiness quotient? Did you know, that the traditional Indian card game is not just entertaining, but also provokes the mind to think out-of-the-box and with alacrity. The best way to enjoy this game of skill is to play it online. So, let us decipher the points that make rummy the game for you and why you should play it on your smartphone.

1) Poor At Mathematics?

Rummy is called a game of skill for a reason. You learn to make mental calculations. When your opponent discards a card and picks one up, you start to understand his or her hand. If the opponent picks a 5 of hearts from the discard pile, you know that he or she is forming a sequence with this suit. So, your calculated move will be to hold back cards that would aid in making your opponent’s sequence.

2) Card Game To Beat Memory Loss

Thanks to your smartphone, you refer to it for birthdays, phone numbers, and create shopping lists. But do you feel your memory took hit because of this? So, turn to this same smartphone to improve your memory with a game of rummy.

One of the strategies to win is to remember the cards your opponent has picked from and tossed into the discard pile. This exercise strengthens your memory bank overtime. So, polish your rummy game and enhance your memory.

3) Art Of Problem Solving

Life throws up various issues and situations, it is up to you to rise from it shining. One of the best ways to sharpen your problem-solving skill is to play rummy on your smartphone. The game puts you through different scenarios and you have to form pure and impure sequences and sets quickly to win. With this game, you train your mind to tackle problems successfully.

4) Wipe Away The Blues

Indian rummy is an entertaining card game that is thrilling and exciting. It is a quick-paced game that sets your heart racing as you start forming sequences and sets. Happiness fills every bone in your body as you come close to declaring before your opponent throws in the last card. That unpredictability, anticipation, and eagerness to win drives away the blues.

5) Rummy For A Hyper Soul

In a busy world, you are rushing from one place to another. You have 10 things to do in a day. Take time out and play a game of rummy to soothe the hurried soul. This entertaining game puts a smile up on your face and takes you to a higher place – a place of happiness. Don’t you want to experience this joy and relaxation?

6) A Way To Be Calm

Our minds are always running with thoughts and we rarely take time to step back. One way to ease the mind is to play rummy. It is a swift game and the best way to win is to stay calm. So, get into a meditative zone and pacify the nerves to think calmly to form winning sequences and sets quickly. Once you master this composure, you can utilise it in real-life situations too.

7) Play To Win Prizes

Who doesn’t love receiving a prize? The idea of getting an award for your efforts is euphoric.  One way to feel this euphoria and win prizes is to play rummy. You can try the rummy variants and improve your gaming skills to take on various bonus rounds and tournaments. The amazing bit is that when you play rummy for online real money, the prizes are real-cash awards that can be withdrawn directly to your account.

8) A Game At Your Fingertips

90s were the days when you were glued to the computer playing games. Now you can log in to a game from your smartphone. Likewise, for rummy too – the popular card game has a digital avatar. You can play it any time and wherever you want – in the car, bus, or train. So, if you are a person who likes to take a break while travelling then rummy is your game.

9) Connecting Families In A New Way

The modern Indian family is transforming – the children have moved to different cities, parents are living independently, and cousins are few and far between. One of the ways to get the family together is with online rummy. The digital version of the game allows friends and families to log in from anywhere and play collectively. So, send out a text on the messaging group and invite them to play online rummy and relive the old memories again.

10) Stuck In A Rut?

If you feel like your life is monotonous, then recharge it with a game of rummy. As you can see, it is more than a card game. Rummy challenges you on various fronts as well as infuses you with happiness. So, get out from this routine life and enjoy playing rummy.

Who would have thought this ancient card game actually has amazing benefits – mentally and emotionally. What are you waiting for, download and play this strategy-demanding game!

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