7 Situations In Life Where Rummy Players Score Better Than Everybody Else

Situations Where Rummy Players Score Better

Situations Where Rummy Players Score Better

Traditionally, card games have only been seen as a form of entertainment. While that’s not a bad thing, they also teach us many valuable life lessons. With the rise of online rummy, these have come to the fore all the more. Wondering how, exactly? Read on to discover how rummy can make a difference in everyday lives!

  1. This too, shall pass!

Innumerable situations in life compel us to utter the above-mentioned counsel to ourselves. Such situations do not even have to be fiery ordeals. A simple act of baking bread, untangling of Christmas lights, or even making it through heavy traffic holds power to agitate us, more so considering the microwave generation we live in. In a world of flash sales and instant gratification, patience seems to be strange, even marvelous. But regular indian rummy players can testify to the veracity of that old adage, “Good things come to those who wait”. The patience with which you wait for every player to make their move, constantly aware of the high stakes involved can be applied in situations where you need to deal with a notorious child or an elderly individual unable to perform basic daily chores.

  1. To be, or not to be. Is that the question?

Life often throws at us situations where we need to make difficult choices. All our life is a result of our choices, and an inability to be decisive can lead to the pain of regret, especially with regards to life’s greatest choices – choosing a definite career path or the ideal life partner. Thankfully, rummy games do not allow double mindedness. In a game of rummy, you ought to make a decision, and you ought to make it quick! The regular practice of firm decision-making allows for stability in one’s life.

  1. Et tu, Brute?

Not many situations in life can come close to the pain of betrayal. After all, betrayal never comes from one’s enemies. But having to forgive even in the midst of such chaos of soul and let go is not at all easy. Well, rummy players can relate to the temptation of holding on tighter when it’s rather wise to let go. After all, fighting a losing battle is at best, a fruitless pursuit. Sometimes, you’ve got to put down the things that no longer add value to your life (even if it’s a card with high points) and realize that in the end, peace is all that matters.

  1. Lay on the ground, but look at the stars 

The day is finally here! The day of that much-awaited interview; on the other side of which lies an honorable position in the company of your dreams. You’re all pumped up and ready to take on the world, but alas! Instead of a congratulating handshake, you’re sent away with “We’re sorry, but you didn’t make the cut”. What would you do? Wallow in self-pity or gird yourself with strength enough to show up every time? Such situations call for a lot of optimism, something which rummy players have tons of. After all, the game itself is a mix of wins and losses. Every loss, though painful, holds the potential to translate into a subsequent win, and that is the case with life too!

  1. Broken crayons? But they still colour the same!

You want to start your own YouTube channel, and you’re super-excited! Until you realize that there’s a long list of equipment you don’t really have – the professional Logitech C920 camera, tripod or the professional video editing software, and now you’re rethinking your whole decision. Sure, you can make use of basic free tools, but then your videos wouldn’t come out as cool as the other YouTubers and probably nobody would be interested in watching. So, why bother! Often, life throws at us great opportunities with limited resources, or so it seems. Almost like the game of rummy! You don’t get to choose the cards you get, but you do get to choose how you’re going to make the most of what you get. So, rummy players know that life’s curveballs are to be welcomed with a “not all is lost” attitude.

  1. Change is the only constant

Facing life at the comfort of your home may feel good, but there is no growth to be found there. Adaptability to the changing situations is what a rummy player knows too well. You had all your moves figured out until a fellow player’s move came as an unwelcomed plot twist! Though rummy rules remain constant, you will have to readjust your strategies in such a situation.

  1. Feed your focus, and your distractions will starve to death

Oh, happy day! Finally, the much-anticipated day of stepping into your new workplace has arrived. You have it all figured out! Work hard, make new companions and keep the boss happy – if only you didn’t have a micromanager for a boss, gossipmongers for colleagues, and a never-ending list of to-dos for a healthy workflow. In such desperate situations, our natural instinct is to call it quits. But regular rummy players know better than to do so. Directing your focus solely on the prize and prioritizing what truly matters is the key to enduring such times of testing. The clearly defined objectives act as your anchor to get through the many roadblocks in the way.

The bottom line is – rummy as much a fun game as it is capable of allowing us to put into practice nuggets of wisdom we have been taught from our youth.

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