Playing Online Rummy, Social and Personal Benefits

When we think of online gaming, they do have a knack of conjuring up images of violence, mass destruction and full-on combat. One cannot blame the mind-set; games like these only tend to top the charts. However, there are a few games, such as online rummy, that do promote a more amicable gaming experience, which leaves a lasting impression.

Benefits at a Social Level

When people say that gamer are anti-social and crave isolation, they do not realize that these statements are not supported by any conclusive evidence. In fact, most gamer prefer social gaming experiences, where they are pitted against other human players, as opposed to playing alone with computer generated opponents. A classic example is online rummy, which require participation of actual opponents. Apart from this:

  1. Gaming consoles have gained popularity in many households. They have helped nuclear families to come together to participate in gaming together.
  2. Online games act like team sports. Game developers have introduced design tools, which actually build social connections.
  3. These digital games create tremendous engagement among players. Online games, such as strategy games, and online rummy and poker, have come up with chat facilities, which enable players to connect and find people with similar interests.
  4. When it comes to gaming avatars, isolation is the last thing that gamers want. Avatars tend to be associated with social activity, rather than just being mere display pictures. Researchers say that this is because gamers tie down their feeling to their online avatar.

Benefits at a Personal Level

Online games, more than anything else, help strengthen our mental capabilities. Aligning with the need to win, our mind works to think out of the box, in order to get that high score. Strategy games and card games, like Indian rummy, are big on this aspect. In addition:

  1. The human brain is coded to work in a way that normal activities require only certain parts of the brain to function; other parts are not used as much.
  2. Games that focus on logical reasoning, speed and memory tend to exercise those lesser used parts as well. A study by Psychology Degree, an online informational resource, states that gamers start to use six parts of their brain simultaneously in other activities as well, when non-gamers use only up to four.
  1. Studies have shown that puzzle and logical games, like online rummy and other word power games, which use all parts of the human brain, can help ward-off dementia and other mental disabilities that come with old age.

All in all, online games also have offer benefits of shaping our emotions and creating a bond amongst players.

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